KPMG Uses Avii Workstation for Government Audits

United States Midwest
Available to 35,000 US Employees
Audit, Compliance & Advisory

Avii Impact

  • Now in 20+ State/Federal agencies
  • 100% compliance
  • More than 100% efficiency increase since 1991
  • Fastest growing of Big 4
Nearly 20 years ago, KPMG had the foresight to recognize the growing level of automation they’d need to meet the advisory and efficiency needs of their largest government agency customers today. That commitment has been one of the significant factors in making them the fastest growing of the Big 4 organizations today.
Jason Caldwell
CTO, Avii

KPMG Uses Avii Workstation for State and Federal Government Audits

  • Number of employees: 35,000
  • Government agencies supported: 6+
  • Key functions: Audit, compliance, secure document upload
  • Locations supported: NY, DC, PA

Before Avii

For Big 4 firms, digital transformations typically emerge as specialized services within niche practices. This is how KPMG began the process nearly 20 years ago in partnering with Avii during the genesis of what would eventually become Avii Workspace™. KPMG worked with Avii to automate the process of document intake, the compilation and audit of information and analysis of results the firm needed to support and grow its work in state and federal government agencies.

When KPMG and Avii aligned, all document intake was manual. While this was customary in the 1990s, the sheer amount of information and data to tabulate and analyze made the need for automation increasingly clear.

To fulfill its goals for growth and assure its position in increasingly bigger government agencies and functions, KPMG began early to answer the challenges the accounting software industry was not equipped to address.

After Avii

Today, KPMG’s state and federal agency work with Avii supports 35,000 users in more than 20 agencies that span education, health services and economic development. The now streamlined document intake and workflow processes collect documents electronically and insert analytics into their reporting infrastructure.

Even better, the platform generates and formats the reports these agencies require on its own. Up-to-theminute data, correlation, tabulation, analysis, formatting and reporting is seamless. The information is secure and the process is compliant by its very design, which is especially critical for any government function.

The Avii technology assures accuracy, completeness and protection against error and misuse. It is interesting to note that KPMG’s forward-looking focus on automation has been one of the factors in the firm’s ability to gain ground as the fastest-growing organization in the Big 4 in 2019, while the industry at large struggles to keep pace with the increasing complexity and sophisticated needs of the accounting industry providers at large.

Interestingly, the auditing and advisory service functions for the Big Four is currently and increasingly responsible for the lion’s share of revenue for each, as demonstrated by data from in 2019. Statista also notes the Big 4 do the majority of the audit work for more than 80 percent of all U.S. public companies, which underscores their need to be fiercely efficient and accurate in every function they fill.

Avii’s rich heritage in the development of automated software to meet the highest demands of a Big 4 firm to support its government agency clients is now available and economically affordable to support firms of every size, down to even a one- or two-person practice.

Of all factors, the expert development and support legacy for some of the world’s most sophisticated and critical accounting functions provided the foundation for Avii’s most significant innovation—the Avii Workspace™ that unifies accounting teams and clients.

Avii Solutions

  • Secure Document Exchange
  • Automated Workflows
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Client Portal

The amassed functionality from two decades of work with top accounting firms sets Avii apart. That technology assists KPMG’s growth, and also makes Avii Workspace™ the optimal provider for practices of every size.