Connect & Analyze Data

Avii gives you free access to more usage data than any other accounting software you use.

Avii provides your firm with powerful accounting applications, a robust data warehouse, a broad bi-directional API set coupled with no fees, and an open-minded policy that gives you free access to the data and behaviors generated by your users in both Avii and non-Avii software applications.

Increased connectivity empowers your firm with more data to power live dashboards, drive business processes, and fuel deep data analysis and data visualizations while uplifting the experiences of your most critical stakeholders.

Acquire More Data

Your firm must have access to the right data, so you can streamline processes, become more efficient, and make better business decisions. But in most cases, your data is disparate and disconnected. In some cases, software vendors have policies limiting your access and/or charging you extra for data usage. Avii unifies your data from sources such as Avii, 3rd-party apps, your data warehouse, and more, automating the collection of your data to eliminate reliance on humans and static reports. Avii does not charge extra for our APIs or data warehouse usage.

Drive Robust Live Dashboards

Connecting and automating your accounting process from start to finish fuels dozens of customizable dashboards and visualizations in a centralized workspace. This deep visual guidance system is updated based on actual work completed in real-time. It eliminates the need for clients and team members to take action and then report on those things via - email, check off lists, task list software, phone calls, group meetings, or even noting activities in time keeping software.

These elements are not only updated when you complete something in Avii, but Avii can also communicate with 3rd-party systems as a centralized hub for status updates and guidance on the next steps.

Interconnect & Automate More of Your Processes

Avii’s architecture and policies help change managers significantly extend their technology innovation definitions and models. Then, Avii becomes a catalyst for helping you to gain stakeholder support. The benefits of interconnected processes, unified workspaces, and expanded data warehouses & data visualizations help stakeholders embrace evolution that crosses existing boundaries between service lines and each software system used at your firm.

Actionable Data Fuels Your Business

We all want to take better actions based on data and user feedback. Avii is among the most generous software vendors when it comes to freely supplying you with live, actionable data. Avii can interconnect to almost any database and application that gives your firm open usage of your data. Use it to fuel KPIs and live dashboards, providing you and your clients with greater visibility.

Deep Data Analysis

Avii can help streamline your deep data analysis by drilling down to what’s most important and making the data actionable for your firm. The Avii Workspace distills an immense amount of information on projects, tasks, engagements, deliverables, team members, dates, deadlines, and more. Establishing this new, high-bar of unified data optimizes actionable data analysis to drive improvements to policies, approaches, and resulting experiences.

Deep Data Visualizations

Avii is a robust data warehouse that helps you drive analysis and visualizations for daily activities, automations, and powerful reports & dashboards.

Our live visual guidance system simplifies what your team members and clients need to focus on, including critical process steps such as status, deadlines, missing items, and next steps. These processes progress as granular process, workflow, project, and task actions are completed by you, your team, and your clients. Automation eliminates the need for your team to update data and information manually.

Train the Trainers & Power Users

Additionally, included with your Avii subscription is extensive training and insight into leveraging data from both Avii and non-Avii applications. Avii also provides engineering and data scientist resources for a fee to augment your internal teams.

Better Human Experiences from Data

Access to more of your firm data can improve the experiences of your team members and clients. The Avii Experience unifies all interactions into a single, secure workspace + portal across all service lines. A unified experience with actionable data drives consistent processes, automations, workflows, communication, business intelligence, and reporting.

Clients love the simplicity and ease of going to one portal for all exchanges, updates, dashboards, and communications with your team. Team members love not having to use and search among a dozen software solutions and processes to see and/or access information and tasks. It’s all unified under one umbrella in Avii Workspace, and it provides a better experience for your firm.

Differentiate yourself and your firm. Use Avii to improve how you leverage technology to gain better results with your clients.