The tool is free and the results confidential, and most accountants and practices are extremely surprised

SILICON SLOPES, Utah, April 21, 2020— How do you audit an auditor? It may seem like the price accounting practices are paying for accounting software is an easy answer, but in most cases, the genuine answer may be a giant surprise. Avii™ ( a leading practice management platform for tax, audit, advisory, compliance and management consulting firms, today released the Accounting Software Calculator – a free tool to estimate what your accounting platform and related SaaS application functionalities cost.
Between workflow management, engagement optimization, calendars, data storage and disparate systems—companies are typically stunned to learn how many apps they’re subscribing to—both on and off the IT authorized technology grid. Though firms easily track their traditional IT costs, their teams often don’t provide line of sight to the many other independently licensed SaaS software systems. In addition to ongoing subscription costs, research by Mavenlink, the #1 integrator of Google, Microsoft and Intuit, shows that 73% of employees spend more than an hour a day, on average, navigating from app to app. In a team of 100 consultants who are billable at $150/hour, this would amount to $15k in potential revenue being lost every day.
Many practices are migrating to accounting suites or platforms that unify needed functionalities into a single dashboard or interface. When a program lacks functionality or when a particular client requires an outside program such as Box, Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive, many consultants will simply sign up to a new software subscription service to meet the need.
“This doubling up on software leads firms down a slippery slope, especially when they discover the aggregate cost of their various SaaS products,” says Avii Cofounder and CEO Lyle Ball. “The ad hoc purchases fill an immediate need, but because they don’t fall into official IT team budget, they’re often overlooked.”
“Typically, firms pay for many more software programs than the IT team is even aware of,” he notes.
Compliance and security is a concern, as is continuity and consistency of the work process. In a recent case, which is not at all untypical, Ball noted, a sizeable company was astonished to learn that rogue or duplicate SaaS subscriptions amounted to more than 10 percent of their known and authorized costs – a sum that could amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars or in the largest organizations, far more.
The data the Accounting Software Calculator produces is private to individual users. The calculator proves an important point that should make most eyes open wide: Regardless of standardized programs, platforms and policies, firms are highly likely to be spending far more money on disparate apps than they think. By removing duplicate and unused apps and unifying the rest through an integrated platform like Avii, firms will save time and money and deliver a far better result as a trusted advisor.
“You’ll be more profitable, and your clients will thank you,” Ball concludes.
Note: From now until at least June 1, 2020, Avii is providing the full version of Avii Workspace free of charge for up to 25 internal firm users with up to 1GB of data storage and unlimited client users. For more on this, visit or call 801-365-2844.
About Avii
Avii provides tax, audit, advisory, management consulting and compliance organizations with an integrated suite of most-required practice management software solutions. Avii Workspace is the first true SaaS Hub™ , giving consultants and clients a single portal and a unified workspace for the functions that drive consistent workflow, business intelligence and communication to propel business success.
Avii Consulting Services are able to accomplish Fast Start Implementations for all users from single accountants to the Big 4. Unlike industry implementations that may take 6-8 weeks, Avii can make the benefits of Avii Workspace available immediately by breaking up deployment and segmenting data, requiring just 1-2 days per team, rather than pausing firm wide to re-sync the entire organization. Avii provides accounting firms, software developers and VARs an Avii API and custom app development services.
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