Firms Can Re-emerge from Q1 2020 with Enhanced Client Portal, Remote Workforce, Scheduling, Budgeting and Reporting Capacities

SILICON SLOPES, Utah, May 6, 2020— Avii™ (, a leading practice management platform for tax, audit, advisory, compliance and management consulting firms, is advancing the accounting software market space with the launch of Avii Workspace™ 2.0.
The 2.0 product is available now for evaluation and deployment, as a transparent upgrade to existing and incoming Avii customers. Additionally, Avii is providing the full 2.0 version of Avii Workspace free of charge for evaluation and pilot programs to firms of all sizes.
Avii Workspace 2.0 Features
The 25-plus additions to 2.0 fall into 9 categories, as follows, with scheduling, budgeting and reporting enhancements leading the way:

  • Integrated Scheduling, Budgeting, Reporting. Avii’s simple and intuitive time tracking tool, TimeKeeper, now supports activity codes. You can easily use hours recorded in TimeKeeper to generate invoices, realization reports, and personnel utilization reports with the click of a button. Invoicing is easier than ever and reports by partner, person and client are available for analysis, planning and reporting at all times, and in real time.
  • Client Management. Now you can instantly see all interactions with a person or client in a single snapshot, including contextual notes, client status and everything discussed with the client and any member of your firm. With your important client information visible in one place, you can provide a better experience to your clients as a trusted advisor.
  • Project Management. 2.0 makes it easy to move projects to the next season.
  • Audit Procedures tool. For consistency, ease, tracking and training, the new tool makes established procedures easy to verify and to track.
  • Documents. You can now process documents faster with live previews and annotations. And with PDF editing, annotation and embedded signatures, your approval process leaps forward.
  • Document Request Lists. Firm members can sign off a document as they process them, keeping both the firm and the client updated on the real-time status of the project. Clients can download a copy of the document request list. In 2.0, you can now group document requests, helping you to better manage very large lists of document requests.
  • Newsfeed. Just like the largest firms, you can tag news articles by type and even better, authorized users can determine which articles your customers click and who’s reading.
  • Discussions. A more intuitive interface lets you navigate between discussions with ease.
  • Enhancements to Mobile Touch-Based Interface. 2.0 makes touch-based mobile interfaces easier than ever to use.

In all, the enhancements to Avii Workspace 2.0 advance the category of unified accounting software to a new state-of-the-art for firms of all sizes ranging from a single practitioner to Big Four.
“The depth and functionality of the Avii unified platform has been nearly 20 years in the making, but in Workspace 2.0 we’re taking accounting software into an entirely new realm,” said Avii CEO and Co-Founder Lyle Ball. “These are the times that call for maximum efficiency and profitability in everything we do. The age of automation and AI in accounting is here.”
Note: Avii provides the full 2.0 version of Avii Workspace free of charge for evaluation and pilot programs to firms of all sizes. For more on this, visit or call 801-365-2844.

About Avii
Avii provides tax, audit, advisory, management consulting and compliance organizations with an integrated suite of most-required practice management software solutions that combines best-in-class automation for all accounting with open compatibility for familiar products such as Box, OneDrive, XCM and Microsoft Office 365. Avii Workspace is the first true SaaS HubTM, giving consultants and clients a single portal and a unified workspace for the functions that drive consistent workflow, business intelligence and communication to propel business success.

Avii Consulting Services are able to accomplish Fast Start Implementations for all users from single accountants to the Big 4. Unlike industry implementations that may take 6-8 weeks, Avii can make the benefits of Avii Workspace available immediately by breaking up deployment and segmenting data, requiring just 1-2 days per team, rather than pausing firm wide to re-sync the entire organization. Avii provides accounting firms, software developers and VARs an Avii API and custom app development services.

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