Where do accountants begin?

For accounting roles, the promise of even a little time saved can make a dramatic difference in client satisfaction and revenue earned.

Automation (and AI) are one of the world’s most interesting phenomenon. They are concepts that fill many of us with delight and fear, all at once.
For accounting roles – and most especially in the times like tax season that come upon us in droves — the promise of a little time saved and a little streamlining in the workflow can make a dramatic increase in client satisfaction and revenue earned. But where and how do we begin?
Regardless of the size of your practice, I suggest you start with the essence of automation. Specifically, the concept of setting up a machine or process to perform work automatically to reduce the time and cost of human capital, improve efficiency and reduce human error. Rather than attempting to eat the entire elephant in a massive overhaul, think about automating strategic tasks one by one, beginning in the areas that can provide you with the most immediate wins. Try these four things in your practice first:

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