Unified Client Portal
Avii, the company I lead in Silicon Slopes, provides a unified SaaS hub for accounting practices. However, the principles I’m about to share will apply to us all as business owners, participants and clients of service businesses.
On the business side, the advantages of integrating your most-required apps into a single and unified interface are perhaps obvious — for most service providers, the ability to access client data 24/7 is a really big deal. The time we waste — on average, more than an hour a day in navigating from app to app — we could put to better use and additional profit. Also, research shows that improved communication results in happier clients. In the law industry, for example, more than 13 percent of malpractice claims are the result of a breakdown in client communication.
That’s significant. But now let’s look at what a unified client portal can do for your customers, too.

  • 24/7 access. As more people of all ages rely on mobile apps to manage our daily tasks, online portals are a vital way to share and exchange files and information. They support two-way communication in a way that is simple and secure. And if clients can get what they need from a portal, practitioners can continue to work unimpeded.
  • Streamlined and environmentally sound operation. Going paperless makes for environmentally conscious consumers and businesses by eliminating the need for either side to store, file or shred sensitive information in the form of paper-based waste.
  • Faster and better customer service. Customer service gets far better when the wait time between request and response is fast and transparent.

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