The Avii Client
Accounting Experience

It’s time to create a better client accounting experience.

Better Experiences

Your clients want a better experience with your staff, and your employees want a better experience with your clients. Your firm can accomplish this by uplifting your client and employee digital workspaces and portals.

Unified Workspaces

Avii centralizes all client interactions into a single workspace + portal, displaying real-time data and status, ultimately making it easier for clients and staff to work together and communicate.

Avii Workspace also provides employees with a similar yet more robust workspace + portal that contains additional tools, data, and knowledge not for client consumption. This employee version becomes one place for all information, documents, conversations, and status, including all engagements across all service lines (tax, audit, advisory, special teams, et al.).

More Flexibility and Insight

Avii provides firms with deep flexibility and customization in sharing elements with their clients, including document request lists, document exchange zones, discussions, team contact information, newsfeeds, and most impactfully - a live visual guidance system of status, deadlines, missing items, and next steps. These live visualizations are automatically updated as you, your team, and your clients complete granular processes, workflows, projects, and task actions. Automation eliminates the need for manual status updates, email updates, and/or reports.

Avii simplifies the presentation of these elements into a single client workspace + portal that displays content and status from both Avii applications as well as other non-Avii 3rd-party portals and accounting applications.

Fewer Systems to Navigate

This unified Avii workspace + portal architecture significantly reduces the number of systems your clients and employees need to use while leveraging additional 3rd-party applications in the background. Keeping all exchanges in the portal protects your clients' sensitive data by reducing or eliminating non-secure interactions. Avii's enhanced portal experience will improve your client relationships and increase loyalty.

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