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Avii knows Tax

Avii has a proven way for you to streamline tax processes at your firm and increase your profitability.

With 20+ years of experience, we understand the unique tax challenges you and your team encounter daily. Avii unifies your accounting experience into one place, adding the power of automation and connection to allow your tax team to focus on what's most important. The result is a firm that's more efficient and profitable.
When you DO your work in Avii, you GET automations and connections that improve your interactions, relationships, productivity, and deliverables.
When you DO your work in Avii, you GET automations and connections that improve your interactions, relationships, productivity, and deliverables.

What you can DO with Avii

Client Workspace + Portal

  • Empower your clients and team to engage with each other rather than have purely transactional relationships.
  • Exchange documents via Avii Document Request Lists and templates to automate processes, workflows, organization, notifications, and next steps.
  • Communicate better. With Avii, clients and team members have secure, contextual discussions always available to the right people, even as your teams change.
  • Keep multi-service line engagements aligned by consolidating interactions into one management tool for all projects across service lines.
  • Automatically update clients and staff with interactive dashboards that distill and simplify extensive information about what’s happening and what’s next.
  • Streamline signatures with Avii e-signature.

Actionable Firmwide Project Dashboard / Project Queue Tool

  • Query, filter & sort across all tax projects and pools, as well as across all firm service lines to align with other teams.
  • Identify, prioritize and manage necessary actions in one place.
  • Modify projects, automations, teams, assignments, tasks, deadlines, and deliverables in bulk.

Automated Processes & Workflows

  • Create consistency and accuracy in how your firm guides strategically-defined processes among employees and clients.
  • Set and meet your tax clients’ expectations by having predictable and reliable firm processes for all tax services.
  • Expand your automations beyond core accounting work by including processes for team hiring & onboarding, client onboarding, and client satisfaction surveys, to name a few.
  • Utilize Avii automations to trigger behaviors automatically, report status, facilitate discussions, and advance work completed in other software used at your firm.

Document Exchange

  • Significantly improve the process of requesting and acquiring documents from your clients.
  • Utilize automated, templatized, adaptive document request lists.
  • Assign individual client users to provide specific documents.
  • Define specified doc requests as private.
  • Make all requests through the client portal, simplifying the process while eliminating potentially unsecured email transactions.
  • Unify document exchanges across all service lines with a single, automated, secure portal and workspace that improves experiences for your clients and team members.
  • Streamline signatures with Avii e-signature.

Team Assignment

  • Templatize, assign, manage, and make real-time notifications to required team members based on roles with automated processes and workflows.
  • Manage your team assignments one at a time, by partner, service line, and/or use various other methods.
  • Assign users to pools in real-time based on service requirements, individual competencies, and availability.


  • Keep clients aware of project status through adjustable dashboards that distill and simplify extensive information automatically fueled by your team’s activities.

Deliverables / Deliverables Management

  • Templatize and bulk-manage deliverable assembly, shipping, e-file, and extension data points.


  • Streamline project rollover by standardizing and automating your firm's rollover policies and procedures.
  • Reduce the effort required to carry projects forward while providing consistency, historical context, and predictable management of projects from period to period.
  • Expand what you roll forward to include core project data, teams, document request lists, discussions, tasks, notes, timelines, invoice terms, budgets, parent/child relationships, and deliverables.
  • Rollover your projects one at a time, by partner, service line, and/or use various other methods.

Drive Better Experiences for Your:

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Differentiate yourself and your firm. Use Avii to improve how you leverage technology to gain better results with your clients.