Intelligent Auditing Software for Accountants and CPA Firms

The auditing software that provides a clear, simple audit trail for assessing risks and providing meaningful assessments to their clients. From audits surrounding bookkeeping to financial statements and from analysis to recommendation, Avii Audit Procedures brings clarity and process to the specialized field of auditing.

Easily Track Audit Procedures

Avii Audit Procedures lets you create a prescribed set of milestones, procedures and detailed directions that will guide your audit processes.

A Delightful Audit Process

Built with insights from one of the top 4 accounting firms in the world, the Avii Audit Procedures Tool helps auditors to comply with a consistent process.

  • Establishes a prescribed set of milestones, procedures and detailed directions
  • Enables greater transparency for clients, teams and leadership
  • Records the historical information such as sign-off date and signer
  • Enables collaboration within the audit
  • Displays a real-time snapshot of the current audit stage
  • Improves team onboarding and audit procedures training
  • Integrates audit tracking into the already robust Avii Workspace
  • Leverages the powerful Avii Intelligence to improve team communications, transparency and insights
“Avii Audit Procedures answers the consistent and growing need to document the audit processes, track sign-offs and ensure compliance.”
—Lyle Ball, Avii Cofounder and CEO

Fast Onboarding and Consistency

Provide all of the information that auditors will need to follow a consistent process and achieve compliance.

Stay Connected and Collaborative

With integrated, context-sensitive discussions, your clients and team can stay connected and informed throughout the audit process.

Audit Procedures features at a glance:

  • >   Customizable set of audit procedures and timeline
  • >   Audit templates
  • >   Sign-off procedures
  • >   Historical record of sign-offs
  • >   Context-specific collaboration and discussions
  • >   Detailed space for describing audit procedures and outcomes
  • >   Real-time status updates and visualizations
  • >   Avii Workspace integration
Audit Procedures is included in Resource Management with Workflows, Firm Performance and Firm Performance with Invoicing.

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