The Avii Workspace provides an unparalleled multi-app workspace that unifies your accounting firm, your teams, and your clients. With the Avii Workspace, your clients and teams experience better collaboration, exchange information securely, and finish work sooner.

From the workspace, you can manage clients and contacts, automate team creation by competencies, see everyone involved in the client work and provide complete executive oversight. The workspace also includes a plethora of communication tools that keeps work moving forward, instills client confidence and surfaces key information about the client and the work.

Because Avii automates what other firms do manually, Avii streamlines processes and minimizes repetitious, mundane human touch points. No other software platform provides an integrated solution that includes the essential accounting applications in one unified workspace.

Deliver an Exceptional, Unifying
Experience for Your Clients and Teams

Only Avii provides the multi-app workspace that unifies your accounting firm, your teams, and your client. The Avii Workspace provides a single, intuitive location for working together, securely exchanging information, collaborating and more.

Manage Clients and Contacts
in One Place

Establish client accounts in a matter of minutes, add unlimited contacts and information, share important notes, and manage the client account with ease.

Form and Oversee
Competent Teams

Establishing the team to service your clients has never been easier. You can automate the assembly of teams by their specific competencies and provide full oversight to the client. Because team management is integrated into the powerful Avii platform, you can form, assess and adjust the team within minutes.

Keep Work Moving

Work happens fast, but waiting around creates aggravation and inefficiencies. With Avii, you’re not jumping between disparate systems to notify clients, summarize decisions, discuss issues, outline next steps, and the plethora of other things to keep work moving. With a suite of interconnected, integrated tools, the essential work takes place right inside of the Avii Workspace. Automated workflows, alerts and discussions keep clients informed and everything moving faster.

Increase Trusted
Client Relationships

Because Avii includes insightful KPIs, dashboards, visuals, automated updates and other communication tools, clients feel informed, valued and satisfied. We’re helping you build trusted, lasting client relationships through the industry’s most interconnected multi-app Avii Workspace.

Raise Awareness and Consistency

To keep your teams informed and consistent, the Avii Workspace provides bookmarks for linking to important resources and notes for documenting important conversations and decisions. In addition, the integrated newsfeed makes key announcements visible, minimizing your dependence on email communications that clients often dismiss.

Surface Trends and Insights

Reports and analytics reveal trends and progress that help you make adjustments, shift resources and take immediate action.

Avii Workspace. Features at a glance:

  • >  Projects and Tasks
  • >  Unified multi-app workspace
  • >  Client management
  • >  Team management
  • >  Alerts
  • >  Discussions
  • >  Newsfeeds
  • >  Notepad
  • >  Quick links
  • >  Reports
  • >  Analytics

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