AI-driven Projects,
Tasks & Workflows

Avii Projects, Tasks & Workflows provides a comprehensive project management suite with an AI-driven workflow management system and an integrated communication system. The solution also provides live visualizations that help you and your clients to ascertain status and analyze project performance. With Avii, you can automatically assign work by competencies, enable smart workflows, drive complex projects, leverage project- and client-specific templates and keep tasks in line.

Avii Projects, Tasks & Workflows also includes Avii Workspace and the integrated Client Portal.

Automate Work Assignments
by Individual Competencies

Avii matches your team competencies with the work to be done, automatically adding items to team members’ queues according to their competencies and specialties. This projects-to-practitioners matching streamlines projects and promotes team unity.

Automate Workflows and
Communications with AI

Taking the tedious, manual work out of assigning projects and tasks, Avii recognizes project types and automates the next step in workflows. Avii assigns team members, creates document request lists, assigns tasks, and alerts the appropriate people. With Avii, your people focus on completing work and not worrying about the handoffs and the other back-end intelligence. Avii automatically acts, follows predetermined workflows and makes you look smart.

Drive Robust, Flexible Projects

Avii provides a comprehensive project management suite that makes getting started easy and makes on-time-and-on-budget projects a reality. Also integrated into the Avii Workspace, this robust solution includes tools for planning, budgeting, forecasting, task dependencies, discussions, and, of course, project, task and document management. The tools provide maximum transparency to your projects and bolster increased satisfaction among your clients.

Increase Work Task Visibility

Managing tasks in and outside of projects has never been easier. Avii keeps work moving along with email reminders and in-system alerts. Plus analytics shed additional light on progress and hangups.

The Complete Avii Workspace

Projects, Tasks & Workflows includes the complete Avii Workspace with the integrated Client Portal.
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Projects, Tasks & Workflow. Features at a glance:

  • >  Competency-based project queue
  • >  Project workflow automation
  • >  Project management
  • >  Task management

+ PLUS all Avii Workspace features

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