Automated, Streamlined
Resource Planning

Avii Resource Planning automates and streamlines how you allocate your team members and other resources. Obtaining actionable data from workspace usage and the data itself, Avii learns and then automates resource planning on your current and future projects.

By analyzing projects, clients, niches, departments, practices and your firm, Avii assembles teams using these live data-driven insights. Instead of drafting resources in unproductive, costly staff meetings, Avii automates the practice, making the process faster and more accurate. The result: your firm recoops hundreds of hours per year.*

You can automate resource selection by type (e.g., tax, audit, compliance), seniority level and competency—and you can even add weighting to the selection criteria. The system factors in personnel availability (current and future), hourly rates and “what if” scenarios, helping you match client needs with available resources. These advanced resource planning tools also expedite proposals (and RFPs) and improve your decision making.

Avii Resource Planning also includes Avii Workspace and the integrated Client Portal.

Know Your Employees’ Skills
and Capacity

The more you know about your employees’ and contractors’ skills, capacity, skillset and focus, the better able you can allocate projects. With Avii, you can easily assess what’s possible and limiting.

Optimize Resources and
Increase Productivity

Aligning your best-suited resources with your highest value projects will ensure maximum results. With Avii, the system matches individuals and teams by capabilities, competencies and even limitations, heightening your optimization and productivity levels.

Track Project Hours
Worked and Budgeted

Quickly track and adjust time spent on projects, making invoicing and reporting a breeze. Because Avii integrates hours tracking with other analysis tools, you can easily make comparisons and shift resources that will help you stay on budget.

Provide Live Visibility
of Forecasts and Budgets

Provide your leadership, client, peers and the team visibility into resource allocations, budgets and forecasts. These tools help you analyze progress, make resource adjustments, and compare budgets to actuals. Seeing live visual dashboard cues enables you to keep your momentum or make real-time adjustments to get back on track.

Streamline Projects from
Scope to Conclusion

Scoping projects is a snap with Avii. With streamlined proposal and opportunity management built in, assigning the people, establishing the timeline, setting the budget and beginning a project has never been easier. Avii not only improves scoping, but it also streamlines projects all the way to the end.

Surface Important Dates
and Milestones

The integrated calendar keeps your team organized and aware of important meetings and dates. Layering your team, client, and even your personal calendars makes meeting and milestone planning a snap. The calendar also enables on-the-fly time tracking by categories, clients and work types. For clients and teams using Microsoft Outlook, they will appreciate the added Avii calendar connectivity.

Measure Real-time Profitability

Avii’s built-in gains and losses calculator helps you measure and report billed hours and tasks against project timelines, resources, and billing rates.

Keep Expenses
and Invoices in Check

Submit, track and invoice clients, all within the Avii Workspace. And when questions arise, start context-specific discussions with the team, the client or both.

The Complete Avii Workspace

Resource Planning includes the complete Avii Workspace with the integrated Client Portal.
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Resource Planning. Features at a glance:

  • >  Expense and invoice tracking
  • >  Time keeping
  • >  Forecasting and budgeting tools
  • >  Proposal and opportunity management
  • >  Calendar and scheduling
  • >  Gains and loss analysis

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