Secure Document

Avii Secure Document Exchange protects the exchange of client information, streamlines document requests, and ensures compliance with the overall process. It’s a complete document management and storage system that’s integrated right into the Avii Workspace. The solution lets you upload, annotate, accept and reject documents—all from the workspace.

With document request lists and templates, you can automate and streamline what documents and data clients must provide. You can also establish what occurs after each touch point, accelerating your consistency and eliminating manual, error-prone next steps.

Rich analytics provide insights such as requesters, due dates, current statuses, annotations and much more. These live visualizations appear inside the Avii Workspace for teams and clients.

Avii Secure Document Exchange also includes Avii Workspace and the integrated Client Portal.

Exchange and Store
Documents Securely

A complete document management and storage system integrated into the Avii Workspace makes it simple to securely exchange data and documents with clients and teams.

Set Sophisticated
Access Levels

Control access to files and folders by document, folder, individual, role and team. These sophisticated access levels provide the flexibility and the confidence you need to secure confidential information exchanges.

Start Fast with Document
Request Templates

Set up templates that outline the types of documents that you will need from clients, then deploy that template for one or many clients with sample documents as references.

Review Documents in Place

Review, annotate, accept and reject documents without leaving the Avii Workspace. And what’s even better, the document snapshot provides an overall view of all document statuses and the built-in collaboration enables document-related discussions. It all happens in one secure location, providing live status and clarity on what’s next.

Connect 3rd-party Cloud
Storage Systems

Extend your investment with your existing cloud storage offerings such as OneDrive and Box. Avii not only connects to these 3rd-party cloud storage systems, but it also extends the more sophisticated permissioning to these 3rd-party systems.

Tap into Analytics and Reminders

Quickly assess the state of your document requests with real-time analytics. And send automated, scheduled reminders to clients that clarify which documents and data they still need to provide.

The Complete Avii Workspace

Secure Document Exchange includes the complete Avii Workspace with the integrated Client Portal.
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Secure Doc Exchange. Features at a glance:

  • >  Document management system
  • >  Document-related collaboration
  • >  Requests templates, status indicators and references
  • >  Document analytics, status indicators and reminders
  • >  Advanced permissioning by document, folder individual, role and team
  • >  Cloud document storage connectivity (OneDrive, Box)
  • >  AI-driven workflow automation

+ PLUS all Avii Workspace features

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