Jump in by yourself or with your team.

Early Adopters

Be the one on your team to lead innovation and results. Instantly improve your own world. Gain time and peace of mind. Add Avii™ to your personal digital toolbox.

Team Leads

Uplift your team’s capacity and success through better collaboration and automation. Scale your team’s success.


Use one-to-many of Avii’s features to augment your firm’s ERP software stack with minimal disruption and tangible gains for you and your clients.


Leverage Avii’s software developers as coders-for-hire to create one-off solutions to solve extreme complexities, maximize compliance and increase engagement profitability.

Be Indispensable.

Avii establishes a new level of automation by interconnecting your existing processes and systems into a unified workspace for document, project and task management. Avii automates your entire workflow; improves security; streamlines client interactions; and syncs data and files between other software solutions, including Microsoft Office 365 Calendars and Box.

Have it your way.

Customize your world. Avii gives you extensive freedom to keep using the software systems you prefer or are required to use...and start using Avii to improve your efficiencies, accuracy, security and profitability.

Avii truly defines a new level of collaboration. Across disparate tools, team members and clients...all based on highly-customizable tools and security permissions you set as you carry out your projects.

Know it all. At a glance.

Everything you and your clients add to Avii becomes time-stamped, human-stamped, evidence-worthy data that drives self-evolving tasks and workflow. Stop wondering who sent you what and when you got it. Did it come from a text, email attachment, spreadsheet note or uploaded file site. And when? Avii unifies your data sources and content, and streamlines your planning, task, workflow, team management and client interaction processes.

From your desktop, tablet or mobile, you and your clients can see KPI’s for:
  • Engagement health
  • Timing
  • Budget
  • Status
  • Remaining tasks
  • Compliance
  • Dependencies
  • Priorities
  • Alerts
  • Next steps
  • Client satisfaction