WHO IS Avii?

"Avii, what can you do for us?"
First, Avii™ helps you, your team and clients AUTOMATE more of the things you currently do in ways that are familiar and easy-to-use.

Second, Avii helps you EVOLVE the way you do things... upgrade processes, add new services, differentiate from competitors, strengthen security, and improve client satisfaction.

Unify your entire practice management workflow

Project Management

Setup, plan, form teams, interact with clients, review workpapers, log evidence and generate outputs

Document Management

Secure document exchange. Control access at the folder, sub-folder, and file level. Searchable

Task Management

Centralize and collaborate highest priority activities; improve predictability; reduce errors; hit deadlines

Sync with Other Software

Sync data, files, tasks, calendars and alerts with other software, including Microsoft Office 365 Calendar and Box

Dashboard & KPIs

Unified view of more things due and done by you, peers and clients; manage and analyze; make data-driven decisions

Administrative Discipline

Software that works and solves real problems leads to greater adoption; measure consistency and results

Onboarding Clients & Teams

Add new clients, start projects and form internal teams in less time using templates and dashboards with staff roles, expertise and availability

Big Data

Improved decision making across more areas of your practice — supported by a larger pool of data generated by a unified practice management platform

Jobs to be Done

Clients and staff see their next steps auto-generated and prioritized based on the cumulative, real-time activities and requests of the entire engagement team

Resource Planning

Plan, organize and predict required resources based on live dashboard views of current and planned resource saturation across the firm

Increased Satisfaction

Client and employee confidence, efficiency and satisfaction increase with the implementation of change management coupled with a unified practice management platform

Flexible Toolset

Choose which Avii components are best for your clients and firm; eliminate several existing systems and interconnect with others

Flexible Data Sources

Input data directly into Avii, import it from common file formats (XLS, CSV) and sync with open software systems


Consolidate client and staff interactions via a single portal to eliminate layers of software, logins, passwords, training, fees and disconnected data

Log More Evidence

Know precisely when each client or peer entered, reviewed and approved data, docs and workpapers


Centralize the exchange of all documents, data and communications within a unified practice management portal


Customize notifications to you and your clients across all elements of your workflow

Automated Analysis & Reporting

Map requirements against current status; drive tasks, agendas, dashboard, KPIs; save time


Reduce friction caused by changes in team composition with all engagement data in a single system

Expand Client Scope

Strengthen relationships, build upon success of current projects, and upsell new services

Attract & Retain

Efficient, easy-to-use automation software improves client and staff satisfaction, and is a differentiator when pitching new business