The Most Automated Workspace + Portal
For Accountants and Their Clients

Avii solves the problem of disconnected accounting processes and software that directly reduce your productivity and profits.

Our flexible platform allows you to replace some of your software, then interconnect with much of your remaining software, workflows, automations, and data to drive better experiences and outcomes for your clients and firm.
When you DO your work in Avii, you GET automations and connections that improve your interactions, relationships, productivity, and deliverables.
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The Painful State of Accounting Software

Almost every accounting firm has 30-85 mostly disconnected software silos

This common architecture results in disjointed automations, workflows & data for clients, practitioners, and managers

Avii replaces apps & unifies some 3rd-party automations, workflows & data like a skybridge

Avii Workspace + Portal: Solutions & Connections

Avii includes a cohesive suite of applications to enhance your firm’s automation and improve your clients’ experience. Regardless of your size, processes, and goals, you can select the entire suite or only the solutions you need today. We can also help you drive dynamic automations to your processes, workflows, and dashboards by interconnecting related data and your favorite 3rd-party apps, if they have an open exchange capability/policy.

Avii Cohesive Application
& Solution Stack

Avii Intelligence
Connectivity Controller

Trusted by accounting firms of all sizes

12 Things Avii Automates


Client Workspace + Portal

All exchanges between the client and team in a unified experience ● Client Document Exchange ● Communications ● Tasks ● Next Steps ● Proposals ● Contracts ● Engagement Letters ● Open Project Status ● Invoicing & Payments ● Client User Account Self-Management ● Client Satisfaction Survey w/ Integrated Analytics ● Client Contact Information
Dear Client, Here's the single link where you can securely view lists, upload documents, communicate with us, and know what to do next. A checklist and visual dashboard will tell both of us what's complete and what remains. It keeps everything organized and allows our firm to give you the best client experience possible.

Secure Document Exchange Management & Storage

A secure, portal-based DMS with document uploads/downloads ● MS Azure-based cloud document storage ● Available connectivity with MS SharePoint® & Box® ● Progress tracking, completion status, tagging and notifications - all searchable by when, who, type and size ● Public upload URLs ● Cloud-based Preview/Annotation/Acceptance ● E-signature
Dear IT and Legal, Breathe. Maybe start smiling again. All the sensitive data and documents we exchange with each other and our clients are now in a single, secure place. Everything is tracked...we know who touched it and when. And it’s really locked down.

Comprehensive Automations

Automate processes, workflows & interactions with clients & team members ● Interconnect Avii’s applications and data warehouse, the firm’s data warehouse, and 3rd-party applications ● Dozens of automatable tasks ● Template-based ● Simple-to-elaborate automations ● Create consistent processes and experiences for clients and team ● Ease onboarding & mergers
Dear Therapist, I’m going to spend a lot less time with you...and a lot more time with my personal life. Everything just flows so smoothly now! No more missed deadlines, and the whole team is in the loop. The office is now one of my happy places. And my clients are sleeping better, too.

Avii API & 3rd-Party App Connectivity Controller

Reduce your number of disconnected processes, databases, and applications ● Script integrations, APIs, webhooks, interconnected automations & workflows, and/or system notifications ● Connect native Avii applications with multiple internal firm applications and/or 3rd-party applications subject to their capabilities and/or limitations ● Interconnect almost any database and application that gives your firm open usage of your actionable data
Dear CTO & CIO, Do you want accounting software that keeps you trapped or a unified platform that allows you to integrate and make the most of your data? We are confident that you will find our open usage to be valuable and refreshing. We certainly aren’t your grandmother’s software company.

Unified Data, Activity & Status

Rights & Permissions ● Automation of pools and queues ● Tasks ● Document requests ● Assignments ● Communications Systems ● Workpaper review ● Analysis ● Edits, comments, and verification
Dear IT, we no longer need so many disconnected SaaS systems, nor their different users' IDs, passwords, and monthly fees. Here’s the deal...unified data means your firm collapses down the number of tools they use, and the workspace has SSO. Everything is in one place. For you, this means lower time requirements and costs for troubleshooting, support calls, training, onboarding and offboarding. Now you will have more time to focus on the important stuff. Now doesn’t that sound nice?

Project Management

● Project Setup ● Plans ● Forecasts ● Lists ● Practice Aids ● Team Formation ● Rollover policies ● Deliverables Management ● Team Roles and Permissions
Dear Spreadsheets, I may never see you again. OK...I will at least stop using you for CRM, planning, project management, task management, PBC, reporting, or any other time-consuming, out-dated-the-minute-I-emailed-you, technicolor-status update again.

Team Management & Planning

● Competency-based project queue ● Project workflow automation ● Task management ● Roll-over projects with teams, templates, assignments, communications, tasks, deliverables and budgets
Dear Manager, Would you like to easily assign work, keep people informed, and finish tasks on time? We got you covered. Get ready for maximum transparency to your projects and happier clients. Consider this a big win for your management team.

Proposals & Opportunities

● Prospect management ● Proposal creation ● Pipeline status ● Revenue Planning ● Team Requirement Timing & Forecasting ● Win/Loss Ratios
Dear Business Developer, may we present to you the “un-CRM”. This is a tool that truly understands opportunities and projections and can help you close potential new business.


Unify chat, email, texts and notes into a secure portal for clients and team members ● Targeted and contextual discussions ● Personalized email & SMS notification settings ● Roll-over project-related communications
Dear Email and Chat, you will now be used for what you were designed to do. You will no longer be my primary tools for distributing documents and disconnected thoughts and tasks, nor the place I spend time searching for who said what, and when.

Dashboards & KPIs

● Real-time alerts ● Notifications and status to clients and staff across desktop, tablet, and mobile
Dear Anxiety, I now know the real-time status of EVERYTHING I need to know. And so do my clients, peers, and management. We are acting on live data and no longer reacting to reports of what took place last week.

Time Keeping & Billing

Plan, create, advance and track expenses, invoices, and client payment history ● Easily track time and budgets on projects ● Simplify time planning and tracking ● Convert time and expenses into invoices and payments ● Compare Actual vs. Budgeted Time and Expenses
Dear Administrator, Your time and resources are valuable. Do your tracking systems reflect that? Or is it a constant headache? Improve your firm performance, while simplifying your time tracking and billing. Watch those headaches magically melt away without having to pop a couple of aspirin.

Optimization of Firm, Team & Client Engagement

● Analyze client satisfaction ● Team performance, deficiencies, and profitability ● Evolve team ● Implement change management ● Analytics ● Power BI ● Performance
Dear Corner Office, You can now see live status of everything you previously asked for in emailed reports, over-colored spreadsheets and time-sucking meetings. Really. It’s now all visualized on your desktop, tablet and mobile. Everyone is going to have a better experience. Here’s to being indispensable.

Imagine a world where YOU, your TEAM, and your CLIENTS go to a single workspace + portal (the first SaaS Hub) for all interactions in your practice management processes - creating a single set of actionable data that fuels live KPIs & dashboards. Actually, you don’t have to imagine, it’s real and it’s Avii.

Differentiate yourself and your firm. Use Avii to improve how you leverage technology to gain better results with your clients.