The Unified Workspace
for Accounting Firms

A single accounting management system for
document management, workflows, and client experiences.

The most interconnected accounting practice management platform for tax, audit, advisory, management consulting and compliance.


Avii’s secure document exchange for your team includes secure, intuitive document uploads; granular permissioning; document request lists and templates; and more.

What's included
  • Document management system
  • Document-related team collaboration
  • Document request lists and templates
  • Analytics, status indicators and reminders
  • Advanced permissioning by document, folder individual, role and team
  • Cloud document storage connectivity (OneDrive, Box)
  • AI-driven workflow automation
  • Avii Intelligence


Avii provides a unifying experience that brings together your firm and improves collaboration and efficiency. And as an important side note, your clients will appreciate the added insights and clarity.

What's included
  • The complete Document Management solution
  • Document-related collaboration
  • Standard task management
  • Collaborative notes and discussions
  • Action-oriented alerts and notifications
  • News and other important highlights
  • Avii Intelligence


Keep client engagements moving and on time with advanced resource, project and task management. Using the integrated intelligent workflow automation, customize how information and work flows through your teams.

What's included
  • Competency-based project queue
  • Project and task management
  • Document approvals
  • Time keeping
  • Client management
  • Calendar and scheduling
  • Avii Intelligence

Resource Management
+ Advanced Workflows

Customizing your flow of work will provide advanced automation to keep your team informed and productive. You will also enjoy the added benefits of the entire Resource Management solution.

What's included
  • The complete Resource Management solution
  • The complete Document Management solution
  • Advanced, customizable workflow automation


Gain the insights you need to manage proposals, forecast opportunities and establish engagement budgets. And once engagements begin, measure and adjust their effectiveness in real time.

What's included
  • Time keeping with project coding
  • Forecasting and budgeting
  • Proposal and opportunity management
  • Real-time gain and loss analysis
  • Avii Intelligence

Firm Performance
+ Invoicing

You will also enjoy the added benefits of the entire Firm Performance solution.

What's included
  • The complete Firm Performance solution
  • Expense and invoice tracking
  • Client management
  • Client payment history


Avii Intelligence powers the entire Avii Workspace platform. It automates processes, centralizes your important information, and surfaces real-time insights.

What's included
  • Workflow automation
  • Centralized database
  • KPIs and reports
  • Communications (alerts, discussions, news feed)
  • Knowledge sharing (notes, quick links)
  • System administration

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Avii includes an integrated suite of applications to enhance your firm’s automation and improve your clients’ experience. Regardless of your size, processes and goals, you can select the entire suite or only the solutions you need today.

How Avii Workspace helps you:

  • Provides secure document exchange within your team
  • Extends collaboration and document and task management to your clients
  • Tracks your engagements and tasks
  • Customizes the information flow to people and teams
  • Surfaces key information that helps you drive your firm’s success
  • Tracks important financial data
Avii Intelligence that powers the entire platform, bringing your entire experience into one place.


12 Things Avii automates


Client Portal

All exchanges between client and firm, Client Contact Information, Proposals, Contracts, Engagement Letters
Dear Client, Here's the single link where you can securely view lists, upload documents, and answer questions. A checklist and visual dashboard will tell both of us what's complete and what remains.

Project Management

Project Setup, Plans, Forecasts, Lists, Practice Aids, Team Formation
Dear Spreadsheets, I may never see you again. OK...I will at least stop using you for CRM, planning, project management, task management, reporting, or any other time-consuming, out-dated-the-minute-I-emailed-you, technicolor-status update again.

Secure Document Exchange & Storage

Document uploads/downloads (i.e. Box and Citrix ShareFile) with tracking, completion status and notifications; all searchable by when and who
Dear IT and Legal, Breathe. Maybe start smiling again. All the sensitive data and documents we exchange with each other and our clients are now in a single place. Everything is tracked...we know who touched it and when. And it’s really locked down.

Workflow & Tasks

Resource Planning, Milestones, Tasks, Priorities, Scheduling, Invoice Preparation, Rights & Permissions
Dear Therapist, I’m going to spend a lot less time with you...and a lot more time with my personal life. The office is now one of my happy places. And my clients are sleeping better, too.

Review Cycles

Workpaper review, analysis, edits, comments and verification
Dear Demons of Revision, You are hereby cast far from me and my cherished workmates and clients. We have found a far better way to collaborate. And we have proof.


Client and staff email, chat and notes
Dear Email and Chat, You will now be used for what you were designed to do. You will no longer be my primary tools for distributing documents and disconnected thoughts and tasks, nor the place I spend time searching for who said what, and when.

Dashboards & KPIs

Real-time alerts, notifications and status to clients and staff across desktop, tablet and mobile
Dear Anxiety and Aged Reports, I now know the real-time status of EVERYTHING I need to know. And so do my clients, peers and management. We are acting on live data and no longer reacting to reports of what took place last week.

Outputs & Archive

Track filings, lock down workpapers, generate reports & deliverables, manage data & documents
Dear Team and Clients, Here are the results. They’ve been approved, locked, stamped, submitted and stored. Now, we can search for them in one place. And get rid of them just as easy... when that’s important.


Leverage past projects, onboard staff and clients, publish best practices
Dear person in the office with the best memory, You are now free to have your own life. I now have Avii, and will no longer be asking you who did what and when and where they filed everything the last time we did what I’m doing right now.

Technology Integration

Automate interactions with staff & client software systems
(Microsoft Outlook 365 Calendars, Box, internal accounting systems, etc.)
Dear Internal IT and Accounting, We no longer need so many separate SaaS systems, nor their 5 different users IDs, passwords and monthly fees. I’m not going to miss all the software trainings and support calls we are now not going to share. I’m guessing you won't either.

Engagement Optimization

Analyze client satisfaction, team performance, deficiencies and profitability; evolve team; implement change management
Dear Corner Office, You can now see live status of everything you previously asked for in emailed reports, over-colored spreadsheets and time-sucking meetings. Really. It’s now all visualized on your desktop, tablet and mobile. Here’s to being indispensable.

Client Training & Education

Portal-based client communications, training and education via newsfeed to strengthen relationships and expand engagement scope
Dear Client, My clients are now so happy! Two just added our tax offering and three more will start advisory engagements within 60 days. The annual retreat pina coladas are on me...

Imagine a world where YOU, your TEAM and your CLIENTS go to a single client portal (the first true SaaS Hub™) for all interactions in your practice management workflow...creating a single set of actionable data that fuels live KPIs & dashboards.

Differentiate yourself and your firm. Use Avii to improve the way you leverage technology to gain better results with your clients.