Centrally Manage Projects & People

Avii unifies your disjointed accounting processes and apps, making managing projects, team members, and clients easier.

Avii is a unified management system that automates the gathering and organization of a vast amount of information, progress state, competency, and availability related to your projects, team, and clients. Avii’s automation engine gathers these elements as your team and clients use both Avii and other 3rd-party software deployed at your firm, eliminating the need for humans to report on things as they do their work.

Gather More Data as People Do Their Work

Your team members and your clients work hard, and you want to help them focus on the most important stuff. Avii Workspace eliminates the need for humans to do something and then check a box or update a file or a report.

Automate Assignments

As your work advances through Avii’s automations, in real-time, Avii creates teams, makes assignments, and moves projects forward as humans simply do their work. Avii does this based on competency, scheduled resources, and current availability of resources.

Discover the Most Robust Project Management Tool You Will Ever Use

The Avii Project Queue will quickly become the favorite tool for project and team managers. This polished tool hides immense complexity under its hood. Our mega project management interface allows you to analyze, report, roll forward, edit in bulk, change automations across service lines/teams/clients, and more, all in one place. See, sort, and filter more information on your projects and teams than you’ve ever been able to do with other tools.

Reduce Surprises

Avii Workspace allows for better business planning and estimation. Real-time automation of project advancements, client-submitted documents, and staff actions keeps your deliverables moving forward. Avii manages the current state while also guiding you on what the future brings, helping you plan and staff better to improve deliverables while keeping your costs in check.

Differentiate yourself and your firm. Use Avii to improve how you leverage technology to gain better results with your clients.