Uplift Experiences

Evolve interactions for all your stakeholders.

Think beyond "getting work done" and "transactional relationships" and move towards improving the experience of your staff and clients as they use your accounting software platform. In Avii, they interact with each other, their documents, discussions, dashboards, and many other optional elements in a single portal that can include all service lines in your firm.

Your clients and staff go to their customizable workspace to see and do everything relevant to them. Their experience is the same whether your firm's using Avii's core software tools and/or a combination of non-Avii tools. Elevate your expectations of how automation and AI can drive those experiences today.

Unify More of Your Accounting Experience into One Place

Most accounting software is disconnected, resulting in your clients and team members jumping between different applications to get their work done. The Avii Experience is different, unifying more of your accounting experience into one place. All client interactions across all service lines live in a single, secure workspace + portal. Your clients can easily access and see which team members are working on their projects, where they are in their processes, their invoices, and all communications with your firm, among other things. Your firm can drive consistent automations for client setup, project setup, document exchanges, workflows, communication, business intelligence, deliverables, e-signature, client satisfaction survey, and reporting. Avii helps you elevate the experiences of your most important stakeholders.

Work Smarter and More Efficiently

Clients love the simplicity and ease of going to one portal for all interactions, exchanges, updates, dashboards, and communications with your team. Replace the need for clients and staff to use and search among a dozen software solutions as well as email and other communications tools. In Avii, they can see and use the same amount or more information and tasks unified under one umbrella in the Avii Client Portal + Workspace and the more robust Avii Employee Portal + Workspace.

Deliver Marketing and Client Satisfaction Survey in Context

We all get too many emails. In addition to project-related emails, your firm sends emails to your clients related to marketing and client satisfaction surveys. Avii moves both of these functions into the Avii Workspace + Portal. You can leverage Avii's toolbox to deliver news, information, links to relevant websites (i.e., forms, events, reference documents), and even present customizable client satisfaction surveys. You communicate to a more captive audience when your clients are logged into their portal thinking about your firm, their projects, and tasks.

Your firm can incorporate these into automations, so they occur precisely when you want them to happen based on the client's progress. These automated processes and workflows remove the need for employees to remember and schedule these elements. Furthermore, it increases client responses compared to similar communications delivered via email.

Based on client responses, you can even add notifications to your automations, including updating your onscreen dashboards. Avii can send emails or real-time texts to specific employees or partners managing the client's account. Imagine one of your clients gives you a low 2-out-of-5 client satisfaction score. Instead of hearing back from your firm weeks later, they receive contact from their engagement manager or partner within minutes of responding. That urgency will majorly impact the overall client experience at your firm.

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