Lyle Ball

Chief Executive Officer
Lyle envisioned Avii based on the collective contributions made by the amazing executive assistants, personal assistants and corporate office managers he’s worked with during the past 25 years. He knows how valuable these team members are to the culture, operations and progress of every successful company.

He spends his day listening to customers, reading the market, and steering Avii on paths that solve real world problems for consultants in all scenarios--from Global 1000 consultants who serve the most complex clients in the world...to the vast majority of consultants who work in offices of 20 or fewer employees yet serve almost all organizations on Earth.

He is a creative and driven software executive, with a productive history and disciplined approach for leading data-driven changes through strategic market analysis, rapid-growth organizational uplifts, metered international expansion, and value-based human capital development.

Lyle gained his 20+ years of leadership experience in high technology, clean energy and professional services companies with extensive reach in Cloud, SaaS, Open Source and legal service markets. The majority of his career is anchored to venture capital organizations, including Venrock, Northbridge, Canopy Group and Amp Resources; and as a partner to Apple, Google, Amazon, PayPal, Microsoft, Salesforce and other leading software mega-giants.

He speaks several languages and has enjoyed overseeing companies and teams in the United States, Europe, Asia, and South America. Lyle graduated from Brigham Young University.

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Jason Caldwell

Chief Technology Officer
Jason is Avii's designer and chief architect. He spends his days solving problems with technology to improve the lives of the industry-leading consultants. He enjoys the challenge of helping clients organize deep analysis of the most complex organizational processes, workflows and systems in world.

Jason loves to explore how advancements in the technology landscape can be adapted to help people streamline, manage, and advance their daily workload.

Jason began his software development career at WordPerfect Corporation. For 20+ years, he has designed and built rich-client and internet-based applications for major corporations, including Corel, Altiris and Symantec.

In addition to his role as CTO, he continues to code every day to stay fresh on today's most relevant software technologies. Jason is specialized in network and Internet security.

Jason graduated from the Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University.

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Rod Sturgis

Chief Information Officer
Rod is Avii's handler. He ensures Avii’s security and availability. Fundamentally, his daily work makes the Avii platform possible.

Staying a step ahead of technical and business requirements and service needs of our clients is no easy task, as they pass down the highly-demanding specifications and goals of the Global 1000 clients they serve.

At Avii, being COO requires that Rod tap into both his inner-geek and his business suit on a daily basis. Rod splits his days between architecting impactful technology solutions and managing the business systems that maximize the company and Avii’s platform.

For 25+ years, Rod has held management, architect, development and information systems security roles for enterprise class web applications at numerous Fortune 500 companies, including engineering a significant web interface for Intel's LanDesk product, home automation solutions at Merasoft, pioneering desktop applications at WordPerfect, and professional service management systems at Digital Gateway.

Rod graduated from the Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University.

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Eric Eaton

Client Services
Eric is the champion for all Avii clients. He has spent his career building and managing all aspects of client relationships, and leading cross-functional teams to ensure clients’ expectations, desired goals, and outcomes are exceeded. With over 20 years in client relationship management and technical engagement management roles, in both agency and corporate environments, Eric is passionate about all aspects of customer success.

Eric leads Avii’s post-sales functions, including customer success management, professional services, and support. He is the single point of accountability for client success at Avii. He charts the roadmap to success for individual clients, across their journey with Avii. He engages with clients during sales cycles and leads post-sales engagements and onboarding with clients, and maintains a deep understanding of the use cases for Avii in key verticals.

Mostly, though, Eric qualifies success not as an individual pursuit, but rather in balancing success for Avii’s customers, teammates, families, investors, and community.

Away from the office, Eric is a bit of an introvert who is content to pass the time with family and friends. He is quite happy in front of a grill, the more guests in the backyard, the better. But, being married to an adventure buff, a rolling stone, the yin to his yang, their paths together have usually been those less-traveled, filled with the unexpected and the magical. While living and raising their family in Utah has been extremely rewarding, Eric wishes they could spend a lot more time at Lake Tahoe, their second home.

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Shannon Ryan-Angel

Shannon leads Avii’s marketing, branding, and communications strategies. She creates awareness and enthusiasm around Avii, helping accounting firms better understand how they can uplift the experiences of both their clients and employees.

With over 20 years of professional experience, Shannon began her marketing career at Merril Lynch and continued in the Financial Services space at notable companies, including Smith Barney, TD Ameritrade, and NASDAQ.

Throughout her career, Shannon led marketing efforts from many angles, including program/campaign strategy, targeting & segmentation, cross-functional team management, social media, digital marketing, website design, email marketing, branding, and high-net-worth client events. She has a keen eye for detail and thoroughly enjoys the process of bringing brand visions to life.

Shannon graduated from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. She resided on the East Coast until a few years ago, when her family relocated to Utah. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time outdoors in the mountains with her husband and their two wonderful kids, practicing yoga, hanging out with her pets, and exploring creative pursuits.

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