Drive Better Experiences for Your Firm

Discover the power of a unified workspace for accounting firms.

Avii unifies your accounting experience with powerful applications that provide automations and connections, improving your interactions, relationships, productivity, and deliverables.

Avii Workspace offers a cohesive suite of solutions to improve your accounting practice management for tax, audit, advisory, management consulting, and compliance organizations. This unified experience strengthens your client’s loyalty, drives automation, and ensures security and compliance. And if that isn’t enough, Avii also helps your firm streamline resource planning and increase profitability.

Essential accounting practice apps all in one place

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Avii is the first SaaS Hub™ for accounting firms. It provides the foundational environment of interconnected apps that unify your disjointed automations, workflows, data, security, and practice management—eliminating manual steps, facilitating automation, and unifying KPIs and other status indicators into a visual dashboard.

Regardless of your size, processes, and goals, you can select the entire suite or only the solutions you need today.

Avii Intelligence powers the entire platform, bringing together your systems and data sources.

We can also help you drive even more automation and dashboards by interconnecting related data and your favorite 3rd-party apps, if they have an open exchange capability/policy.

Document Management

Simply and securely exchange data and documents with your clients and teams. Avii Workspace can significantly improve the process of requesting and acquiring documents from your clients while unifying document exchanges across all service lines.

Client Workspace + Portal

The Avii Client Experience unifies all client interactions, across all service lines, into a single, secure place. It's a customizable workspace + portal where your clients and staff productively communicate and progress through their work. A unified portal experience provides clients with one place to stay up-to-date and gain clarity on what they need to do next, ultimately enhancing their overall experience with your firm.

Employee Workspace + Portal

The Employee Experience is a connected workspace + portal consolidating your total number of accounting systems, while also providing flexibility for your firm to interconnect with many non-Avii systems. Avii Workspace unifies more of your work and creates efficiency, eliminating the need for humans to do something, and then check a box or update a file or a report. It keeps everyone updated and on task and distills an immense amount of information that’s easy to work with.

Dynamic Automations

Avii Automations help you take your firm processes to the next level. Start by customizing how your work will flow and then Avii automates those processes to make your team more productive and efficient. You can even connect native Avii applications with multiple internal firm applications and/or 3rd-party applications, subject to their capabilities and/or limitations. Automations let you focus on what matters most, so your team can work smarter.

Avii Intelligence

Avii Intelligence powers the entire platform. Its unparalleled connectivity surfaces those critical real-time insights that every accounting firm needs to run more efficiently, productively, and smarter.

How Avii Workspace helps you

  • Enhance the client experience and strengthen loyalty
  • Connect your people with the tools they need to do their job most efficiently
  • Interconnect actionable data both in-house and to and from your favorite 3rd-party apps
  • Provide secure document exchange within your team
  • Automate and consolidate workflows, along with collaboration across service lines and roles
  • Automate activities that are low-value, and have your team focus on the important stuff
  • Ensure security and compliance
  • Increase firm profitability
  • Implement Resource Management
  • Improve Firm Performance