Driving Change Management through
Accounting Experience Management

Leverage Avii to accelerate your firm’s growth mindset.

We all know your job is extra difficult when it comes to getting your leadership team to move forward on the technology initiatives you’ve collectively agreed are important for your firm.

With 20+ years of experience, Avii understands the current state of accounting software. As a result, we created an innovative solution to drive better experiences for accounting firms and their clients; we call it Accounting Experience Management. When you have the right tools and connections, you can improve your client relationships, team interactions, deliverables, and profitability.

A Comprehensive, Connected System Requires Some Change

Accounting software is mostly disconnected, and it’s majorly impacting your firm’s efficiency, productivity, and profitability. The traditional vertical apps we are accustomed to may be easier to use in isolation, but they fall short due to their inherent lack of connectivity, data, automation, extended automation, and other necessary benefits for true Change Management in your organization.

Accepting the STRATEGIC shift to a data-centered, automated, and connected platform like Avii means giving up a few “nice-to-haves” to gain a bunch of “no-other-way to get them” features and benefits. The Avii Experience unifies all interactions across all service lines into a single, secure workspace + portal, creating a “One-Firm Approach”. Change Management requires some change, but our team and our platform are there to help you every step of the way.

Incrementally Replace or Connect

No one wants to overhaul their entire system at once. In fact, we suggest you make a multi-year plan, then start small and then expand. Avii eases the process, allowing you to replace or connect based on your organization’s needs.

Do you need a better client workspace + portal to strengthen relationships with your clients? We’ve got you covered. Do you want to connect to your in-house data warehouse to create more actionable data? We can do that too. Have a document management system that you love, and want to integrate that into one of our native solutions? Let’s make it happen! Avii designed flexible software and processes with you, the user in mind, to ultimately drive better experiences for your firm and clients.

Embrace Change Management or Fall Behind

Experience management is anchored to validating the experience of others. In high-touch, high-value relationships like those in accounting, this may start with anecdotal validation but must evolve to data-driven validation in today’s rapidly advancing digital frontier.

Avii empowers firms with access to the optimal data that drives change management and uplifts the experiences of the most critical stakeholders:

Leveraging a new high-bar of unified data for live automations, dashboards, and actionable data analysis drives improvements to policies, approaches, and resulting experiences.

Unify Your Workspace with the SaaS Hub

The Avii Workspace + Portal is the first SaaS Hub, giving practitioners and clients a unified workspace and a single portal for the functions that drive consistent automations, business intelligence, and communication to propel business success.

It sets an example of how SaaS vendors can provide stand-alone software solutions and tie in data from other best-of-breed software solutions using quality APIs. Ultimately, unified data empowers firms with deeper access and leverage of the data resulting from everyday usage by their clients, team members, and managers.

Next Level: Entwining Change Management with Accounting Experience Management

Imagine the possibilities in our work processes. We make the experience of the work and the results as big or even bigger an objective than the output specifications we achieve.

The experience management paradigm is sure to impact the field of accounting in ways in which we will never turn back. Avii is taking strong steps to herald the melding of metrics and experience within the new paradigm of Accounting Experience Management, Tax Experience Management, Audit Experience Management, and Advisory Experience Management.

Differentiate yourself and your firm. Use Avii to improve how you leverage technology to gain better results with your clients.