Avii Accounting Experience Management

Change management is more than what you do. It’s how you do it, and how it is perceived, experienced and measured. This is Accounting Experience Management™

Embrace Change Management or fall behind.

Experience management is anchored to validating the experience of others. In high-touch, high-value relationships like those in accounting this may start with anecdotal validation, but must evolve to data-driven validation in today’s rapidly advancing digital frontier.

Avii empowers firms with access to the optimal data that drives change management and uplifts the experiences of the most critical stakeholders:

  • The Client Experience
  • The Practitioner Experience
  • The Manager Experience

This new high-bar of unified data is leveraged for live workflow automation, dashboards, and actionable data analysis to drive improvements to policies, approaches and resulting experiences.

Unify Your Workspace with the SaaS Hub™

Avii Workspace is the first SaaS Hub™, giving consultants and clients a single portal and a unified workspace for the functions that drive consistent workflow, business intelligence and communication to propel business success.

It sets an example of how SaaS vendors can both provide stand-alone software solutions, and also tie in data from other best-of-breed software solutions using quality APIs. Ultimately, unified data empowers firms with deeper access and leverage of the data resulting from everyday usage by their clients, team members and managers.

The Next Level: Entwining Change Management with Accounting Experience Management

Imagine the possibilities when in our work process we make the experience of the work and the results as big or even bigger an objective than the output specifications we achieve.

The experience management paradigm is sure to impact the field of accounting in ways in which we will never turn back. Avii is taking strong steps to herald the melding of metrics and experience within the new paradigm of Accounting Experience Management, Audit Experience Management and Tax Experience Management.