Client Workspace + Portal

Engage with each other
beyond transactional relationships.

The quality of your relationships drives loyalty, impacting your firm's success. Transform client interactions beyond common accounting portals to modern, customizable workspaces where your clients and staff productively communicate and progress through automations across tax, audit, advisory, and other engagements.

Avii Workspace streamlines processes, increases productivity, and even fuels automations with non-Avii software.

Establish a Single Workspace + Portal
for All Exchanges

The Avii Client Experience unifies all client interactions into a single, secure workspace + portal across all service lines. You determine what clients see or don't see, including document request lists, document folders and files, tasks, schedules, discussions, e-signatures, and status dashboards.

Provide Client Visibility
to Your Projects and Tasks

A unified portal experience provides clients with one place to stay up-to-date on what they have delivered and gain clarity on what they need to do next to advance within your processes.

The “What’s Next” tool shows your clients a summary of the Document Requests, Tasks and Discussions from each of their engagements with your firm. When your clients click on any item in this tool, they are taken to the contextual engagement area to address the item.

Live dashboards automatically update as clients and team members complete tasks, replacing the need to do something and then report on it in task management software, emails, or a report. With this heightened level of automated visibility and transparency, both clients and team members actively participate and drive up satisfaction.

Create Customizable, Flexible Tools and Dashboards

Your firm determines the type and depth of data and updates to present in both the client and employee workspaces. Users can simply alter templates and security permissions based on the individual client and staff roles, capabilities, and preferences.

Leverage Contextual Discussions
Instead of Emails

Discussions between employees and clients are contextual to project elements and are accessible based on client and employee roles and security permissions. These contextual discussions replace many uses of email, texts, and discussion platforms (like MS Teams). Instead of residing in someone’s inbox or needing to be searched across multiple discussion threads, Avii discussions are visible when someone is addressing a document, task, or project. These can also roll forward with projects to serve as a historical reference in future periods or bring new team members up to speed.

Receive Timely Notifications and Alerts

Avii Workspace guides you in establishing templates and default settings for both clients and staff. It gives all users simple-to-comprehensive flexibility in adjusting the types of notifications they receive (on-screen dashboards, emails, and/or texts) for various types of information and activities within the system.

Automating and personalizing each client's dashboards, newsfeeds, and alerts keeps clients informed and engaged. These informational insights enable higher client engagement, shorten response times, replace the need for email updates and reports, and ultimately produce happier clients and team members.

Improve Client Viewership with Avii Newsfeed

We are all overwhelmed by email and tend to step over content that was not requested or anticipated. Avii Newsfeed gives your engagement managers and marketing staff options for delivering relevant news, changes in law, event invites, and other things you may currently share via email with little response. Your clients will see these items when their minds are focused on their projects and your firm, increasing the likelihood of viewership.

Build Trusted Client-Team Relationships

Humanizing client & firm interactions builds rapport, inspires loyalty, and develops relationships. Clients see and easily engage with their team members with the team interface.

Increase Security and Efficiency

Over the past few years, and especially as a result of change management brought on by COVID, your clients learned to use and trust secure portals for banking, credit card, and healthcare exchanges. We should treat the exchange of personal and company information related to accounting the same way.

Secure portals improve security over email exchanges, significantly reduce errors, save time, fuel dynamic automations, and enable the control of access to data, information, and discussions as team members join and leave specific client engagements. You determine the mix of using secure portals versus email based on partner and client preferences.

Client Experience features at a glance:

  • >  Secure Client Workspace + Portal
  • >  Live dashboards
  • >  Document request lists and exchange process
  • >  Document storage
  • >  Task management
  • >  Collaborative and contextual notes and discussions
  • >  Action-oriented notifications and alerts
  • >  Newsfeed for important highlights
  • >  E-signatures
  • >  Enhanced secure practices & security
  • >  Reflects your firm’s branding

+ PLUS all Avii Intelligence features

See how our Client Workspace + Portal software for accountants can improve your clients' and employees' experiences.