Client Experience

Client Portal Software for Accountants

The Avii Client Experience provides an accounting client portal with a unifying dashboard for practice management firms and their clients. It centralizes client activity into a single portal, shortens response times and improves relationships.

Establish a Single Portal
for All Exchanges

Bringing the entire client experience into one intuitive workspace, the Avii Client Experience enables discussions, work sharing, communications, projects and much more. Your clients will enjoy the benefits of a unified experience with your teams and the work being done.

Provide Client Visibility
to Your Projects and Tasks

Avii provides a comprehensive project management suite that makes it easy for clients to see project progress and current status and to communicate with the firm and its team. With this heightened level of visibility and transparency, your clients will actively participate and drive up satisfaction.

Motivate Client Collaboration

According to a recent study of organizations*, the majority of customers expect organizations to use new technologies to improve overall experiences. Avii provides collaboration tools that increase engagement, response times, and overall client experiences and satisfaction

Increase Client Loyalty

Integrated KPIs, visual dashboards, news feeds and alerts keep clients informed and engaged. These informational insights enable higher client engagement, shorten response times and produce happier clients.

Build Trusted Client-Team

Humanizing the client-team relationship builds rapport, inspires loyalty and develops overall relationships. With the Team interface, clients see who’s working with them and making a difference.

Client Experience features at a glance:

  • >  Client portal
  • >  Document storage
  • >  Document request lists
  • >  Client and Team document-related collaboration
  • >  Standard task management
  • >  Collaborative notes and discussions
  • >  Action-oriented alerts and notifications
  • >  News and other important highlights

+ PLUS all Avii Intelligence features

See how our client portal software for accountants can improve your clients' experience!!


*Source:’s 2019 Customer Engagement Trends