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Withum Experience, Powered By Avii

Client Case Study

Founded in 1974, one of Avii’s earliest customers is an award-winning Top 25 public accounting and advisory firm in the U.S. with offices in New Jersey and major financial centers including New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC and Orlando.

As a client-focused organization, Withum is leading the accounting industry by providing its highly-responsive team of professionals with ever-increasing levels of value-add analysis, business intelligence and guidance, to support the growing number of consumers and businesses who depend on them in today’s increasingly complex business landscape.


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Avii Impact

  • Interconnects more of Withum’s data and 3rd-party applications
  • Fuels team adoption of streamlined automations over manual processes
  • Improves communications between teams and clients
  • Significantly unifies and simplifies user experiences for practitioners and clients

Before Avii

Withum is a longstanding advisory, assurance, and tax firm ranking in the U.S. Top 25. They embody a forward thinking and tech-driving culture, emphasizing “better workspace automation for better client experiences” and maximizing the power of their data. 

Main Challenges

  • They desired to improve the process and capabilities of engaging with clients
  • Many task lists were still being managed manually
  • Employees were manually requesting and delivering reports
  • Communication with clients needed absolute security
  • Legacy software systems were designed to not interconnect with other software, which prevented cross-system automations, unified dashboards, and consolidated data-driven business intelligence

In 2017, Withum created an internal Innovation Council to carry out technology-driven initiatives that propel the firm forward.  To address their challenges, the firm tasked the Council with using their top-tier internal research, analytical, and technology resources to discover, test and deploy ideal automation technologies available for their accounting professionals and clients. From those efforts, Avii was selected as the software engine to power a significant evolution of the firm’s processes and interactions with their clients, which they call “The Withum Experience.” Since then, Avii has worked with this group on a monthly basis to drive continual change management at the firm.


By implementing intelligent automations in place of cumbersome manual processes, Avii has not only improved our client relationships, but also saved us time and helped us operate with greater transparency on client projects.

CPA & Partner at Withum

After Avii

The Withum Experience Powered By Avii was deployed to provide their team members and clients with access to a significantly improved and automated engagement workspace and client portal. It also helps Withum establish automated processes, streamline data connectivity, and become more efficient by fueling adherence to the firm’s best practices.

Avii Workspace™ Includes: 

  • Avii API Connectivity: Avii interconnects and unifies data from Avii, 3rd-party apps,
    data warehouses, and more, automating the collection of data to eliminate reliance
    on humans and static reports. Avii does not charge extra for APIs or data warehouse
  • Live Automations: Withum is utilizing dashboards, like Avii Project Queue, for real-
    time info. Project Queue is a robust project management tool that provides team
    members with one place to advance their projects and stay up-to-date on what has
    been completed and what is next. It spans their own workspace as well as those of
    their clients and all team members on their engagements across teams which utilize
    this tool.
  • Increased Clarity: Avii integrates in-context discussions with document request
    lists to increase clarity while maintaining security.
  • Box ® Integration and Bi-directional Syncing: When a client uploads documents,
    whether through Box or the Avii Client Portal, the permissions, rules, and best
    practices will inherit the native Box settings.
  • Outlook Calendar: Adds the ability to update and review calendar items through
    Avii Workspace.
  • Streamlined Communication: Client and team members easily discuss
    documents, tasks, and other questions within the Avii Workspace™. The discussions
    occur within a centralized location, making it easy to keep track of conversations
    around sensitive information.

The partnership between Withum and Avii resulted in both practitioners and clients
enjoying connected experiences within a unified workspace.  They also gained
increased transparency, dynamic automations, real-time status dashboards, and big
data insights.

Avii Solutions

  • Avii Workspace™
  • Client Portal
  • API Connectivity
  • Avii Data Warehouse
  • Dynamic Automations
  • Project Queue
  • Projects, Tasks & Workflows
  • Document Exchange with Box integration
  • Integrated communication
  • Live Dashboards