Dynamic Automations

Automate more of your processes, workflows & data.

Avii's dynamic automations let you customize how work will flow and then automates those processes to make your team more productive and efficient. You can create simple to very extensive automations that overlay, react to, and even advance your work in Avii and even things you do in non-Avii software systems. Avii becomes the software hub that's your "single source of truth," creating a unified workspace for the majority of your firm's accounting experiences.

Automate in Both Avii and
Your Other 3rd-Party Software Applications

There are hundreds of automations built into Avii’s software solutions that happen when you or a client do something in Avii.

Avii's automation engine and APIs reach from the beginning to the end of your accounting work processes for both clients and staff. Their user experience automatically advances to the next step of your processes as they complete tasks. Along the way, Avii automations also assign engagement steps to the correct user or user pool, and even launch or react to activities in non-Avii applications.

Avii’s expansive open API, webhooks, Avii Intelligence Connectivity Controller, and other Avii technologies do many things right out of the box and also allow you to build rich, powerful customized connections with your non-Avii applications to the extent those applications allow you and/or Avii to interact with them.

Avii Intelligence
Connectivity Controller

automate accounting workflows

Automation of Processes

Firm employees in charge of change management and technology innovations can imagine innovative automations fueled by Avii's architecture, tools, freely available bi-directional APIs, and broad data warehouse.

Both the automations built into Avii and the automations you create with Avii's automation tools eliminate many of the manual steps in your processes and drive real-time data-driven dashboards, KPIs, and "What's Next" for your employees and clients.

Avii's Client Services team will help you learn and maximize these connectivity solutions. Also, firms can hire Avii's engineering team to build customizations and automations beyond those you make yourself.

Automate Work Assignments
by Individual Skill Sets

Avii can match your team competencies with work, automatically adding items to team members' queues according to their competencies and specialties. This matching of projects-to-practitioners streamlines projects and promotes team unity.

add accounting user competencies

Automate Processes, Workflows,
and Communications with AI

Taking the tedious, manual work out of assigning projects and tasks, Avii recognizes project types and automates the next step in your processes and workflows. Avii assigns team members, creates document request lists, assigns tasks, and alerts the appropriate people. Avii automatically follows your predetermined processes and workflows, and lets you, your team and your clients all focus on more important things.

Our workspace lets people know where everything is instead of your team members constantly searching systems and sending emails or texts to notify them of the next steps. Your people can focus on completing work without worrying about the handoffs and the other back-end intelligence. Your clients and team members get a consistent experience - they onboard faster, have fewer questions, and people know what to do and what to expect.

unified accounting resource and document management

Create Collaborative Automations

In Avii, you start with our visual Automations creator tool that allows you to visualize and formalize the details of your firm's processes. This tool allows you to involve other stakeholders in the creation of your Automations. Once created, you simply click on each element of the visual Automations to add a wide variety of possible actions that Avii will automate as employees and clients complete their work and contributions.

avii unified accounting workspace

Dynamic Automations features at a glance:

  • >  Automate processes, workflows, and data customized to your firm's needs
  • >  Expand the definition of “workflows” well beyond a list of sign-offs
  • >  Interconnect Avii with 3rd-party systems
  • >  Automate team assignment by skillset
  • >  Leverage a competency-based project queue
  • >  Provide a consistent experience for clients and team members
  • >  Ease onboarding
  • >  Streamline project and task management
  • >  Improve secure practices and overall security by automating manual security tasks

+ PLUS all Avii Intelligence features

See how automating more of your accounting processes, workflows, and data can improve your clients' and employees' experiences.