Employee Workspace + Portal

View & interact with more of your world
in a connected workspace.

Accountants work with too many disconnected software solutions. Avii consolidates your total number of systems and also enables your firm to interconnect with many non-Avii systems that allow for such connectivity.

Avii then distills and presents a more interactive, unified workspace that can reach across your engagements, projects, deliverables, budgets, service lines, software systems, and communications with both team members and clients.

Establish a Single Workspace + Portal
for All Exchanges

Avii unifies more of your accounting experience into one place, reducing your time spent bouncing from app to app to get work done. It’s a unified workspace + portal that drives consistent automations, communication, business intelligence, and reporting.

In Avii Workspace, your clients and staff productively communicate and progress through dynamic automations across tax, audit, advisory, and other engagements - automations extending from CRM through the traditional workflow space and beyond to deliverables, reporting, and roll-forwards.

Keep Everyone Updated & On Task

Avii has a fresh approach to connecting and automating the accounting process from start to finish, fueling dozens of customizable dashboards and visualizations in a centralized workspace. This deep visual guidance system is updated based on actual work completed in real-time. It eliminates the need for clients and team members to take action and then report on those things via - email, check off lists, task list software, phone calls, group meetings, or even noting activities in time keeping software.

These elements are not only updated when you complete something in Avii, but Avii can also communicate with 3rd-party systems as a centralized hub for status updates and guidance on the next steps.

Centrally Manage Projects, Tasks & People

Avii Project Queue is a robust project management tool that provides team members with one place to stay up-to-date on what has been completed and what is next. It spans their own workspace as well as those of their clients and all team members on their engagements across all service lines.

Avii distills an immense amount of information on projects, tasks, engagements, deliverables, team members, dates, deadlines, and more. You can drill down each element in granularity. Team members can see, sort, search, filter, analyze, manage teams, report, take bulk actions, roll forward projects, and complete necessary activities within their processes and assignments.

Do More with Automations & Connectivity

Connect, condense, and advance both Avii and 3rd-party software automations, helping you evolve your firm experience by owning, connecting, and automating more of your processes and data. Avii automations are easy to implement; click on any visual element and assign up to dozens of automated functions and tasks. Smart automations and more integrated connections allow your team to focus on what’s most important.

Enhance Client Interactions & Relationships

A centralized workspace + portal makes it easier to interact with your clients and gives them more visibility, always keeping them up to date. It’s one place to exchange documents and communicate better, resulting in shortened response times and improved relationships. Avii also helps to simplify what you need from your clients and keeps everything under the same umbrella. Your clients will no longer feel in the dark about where they are in the process. With real-time updates and status, they will feel empowered and in the know.

Exchange and Store Documents Securely

Significantly improve your firm’s secure practices and overall security. Our complete document management and storage system allows you to simply exchange data and documents via a secure portal with your clients and teams.

You can store your documents directly in Avii or leverage your existing 3rd-party doc storage via automated interactions and integrations. Review, annotate, accept/reject, and e-sign documents in one secure workspace + portal, eliminating unsecured email transactions and document artifacts stored on local employee computers.

Manage Time, Budgets & Invoices

Avii Workspace also includes native solutions for time keeping, planning, budgeting, and invoicing. Use the workspace to handle these tasks within Avii’s various tools directly and/or tie in some of these elements from non-Avii applications you prefer to use.

Employee Workspace + Portal features at a glance:

  • >  Secure Employee Workspace + Portal
  • >  Unified source of truth across service lines
  • >  Live dashboards & “What’s Next”
  • >  Action-oriented notifications and alerts
  • >  Project Queue to manage projects, tasks, and people
  • >  Enhanced automations, workflows & 3rd-party interactions
  • >  Exchange & store documents securely
  • >  E-signatures
  • >  Manage time, budgets & invoices
  • >  Collaborative notes and discussions
  • >  News and other important highlights
  • >  Enhanced security
  • >  Uplifts client interactions & relationships
  • >  Reflects your firm’s branding

+ PLUS all Avii Intelligence features

See how our employee portal software for accountants can improve your firm’s experience.