Experience interconnected doc & data management.

Simplify your client’s experience with document exchange across all your service lines within a unified Client Workspace + Portal. Then behind the scenes, supercharge your internal document exchange, review, analysis, handling, storage, and automation of document, workflow, and data processes.

Avii Document Management software streamlines and protects client information exchange, improves employee accuracy and efficiency, ensures compliance, and can uplift the use of non-Avii document storage solutions.

Review Documents in One Place

Review, annotate, accept/reject, and e-sign documents without leaving the Avii Workspace. Even better, the document snapshot provides an overall view of all document requests, and the built-in collaboration enables document-related discussions. It all happens in one secure location, providing live status and clarity on what’s next.

Set Granular Access Levels

Control access to files and folders by document, folder, individual, role, and team. These sophisticated access levels provide the flexibility and the confidence you need to secure confidential information exchanges.

Start Fast with Document
Request Templates

Set up templates that outline the types of documents you will need from clients, then deploy that template for one or many clients with sample documents as references.

Exchange Documents Securely

Significantly improve your firm’s secure practices and overall security. Our complete document management system makes it simple to exchange data and documents via a secure portal with your clients and teams.

Leverage your existing 3rd-party doc storage via automated interactions and integrations. Review, annotate, accept/reject, and e-sign documents in one workspace + portal, eliminating unsecured email transactions.

Flexible Document Infrastructure

Tie into your existing document storage solutions such as SharePoint® or Box® to automate more of your data and processes. Avii has full integration with both solutions. In cases where you use 3rd-party cloud storage, you give your clients improved capabilities and experiences with the Avii Client Workspace + Portal and then use automation to leverage 3rd-party systems behind the curtain.

Avii customers can also store files natively on Avii Workspace in Microsoft Azure Cloud. Store up to 3 GB per Licensed User at no additional fee above the Avii Workspace License Fee, and you can pool this storage allowance across all Licensed Users in their firm. Avii customers can pay for additional storage above that limit at a rate of $0.25/GB per month, shared across their firm, billed monthly. Typically, we find the Avii native storage solution works best for smaller accounting firms. Learn more about Avii Document Management System.

Tap into Process Automations & Visualizations

Avii automations can update on-screen reminders and dashboards in addition to sending scheduled emails and texts to remind clients and staff of document request deadlines and clarify the next steps. These automations are updated and triggered based on tasks completed by your clients and team members, eliminating the need for people to send manual emails or other reminders.

Document Management features at a glance:

  • >  Client Workspace + Portal
  • >  Employee Workspace + Portal
  • >  Unified source of truth across service lines
  • >  Document storage in Azure
  • >  Automate connections with other document systems
  • >  Document request lists
  • >  Document annotations (Review, annotate, accept/reject, and e-sign)
  • >  Granular security access
  • >  Team document-related collaboration
  • >  Template-driven staff & client onboarding
  • >  Standard task management
  • >  Collaborative notes and discussions
  • >  Live visualizations and dashboards
  • >  Action-oriented alerts and notifications
  • >  Uplifts client interactions & relationships
  • >  Improve secure practices and overall security

+ PLUS all Avii Intelligence features

See how Avii Document Management for accountants can improve your clients' and employees' experiences.