Foster Collaboration

Easy access to real-time data and information makes it easier to work together.

Too many accounting firms keep information in silos, forcing clients and staff to log into multiple portals, document systems, and communications tools to get their complete picture.

Based on comprehensive customization and security options, Avii allows users to see only the correct information related to each service line, project, team member, and client relevant to them. Avii becomes the software hub that’s your “single source of truth,” creating a unified workspace for most of your firm’s accounting experiences.

Stay Informed with Client Snapshot

Never miss a beat regarding the status of your clients. Avii Client Snapshot provides staff members an overall view of your client’s interactions with your firm. This way, everyone is on the same page regardless of who interacts with the client across all service lines. Quickly access important notes, projects, contacts, discussions among staff/clients, invoices, and even which of your firm’s services the client is or is not using.

Your practitioners have a lot of clients and a great deal of internal and external conversations and other interactions. Client Snapshot puts everything in one place, so essential details are top of mind, and others on the team can also gain permission-based access if necessary. Clients feel valued when you remember the details, creating a better experience at your firm.

Establish a Single Source of Knowledge

Let Avii be your firm’s institutional knowledge provider that knows everything. All the knowledge lives in one place for team members to access, so you can find what you need to know at the right time. In a world of change, it's a constant resource that your firm can always rely on.

Communicate Better with Contextual Conversations

Avii’s Discussion tool is like merging instant messaging abilities to each project element and client engagement. It replaces disconnected emails and comms platforms (like Teams, Chat, Slack, etc.) or copious amounts of notes in spreadsheets and streamlines it into a centralized system. The discussions are contextual, bringing clients and staff to specific elements, such as documents or tasks, to reference the conversation. Anyone with security rights can access these discussions, and this type of organization helps when team members are sick or reassigned. They can also roll forward with projects in future time periods. Imagine all of the content and knowledge potentially lost in emails! A centralized system for searching and archiving those discussions solves the issue.

Motivate Client Collaboration

According to a recent study of organizations*, most customers expect companies to use new technologies to improve overall experiences. Avii provides collaboration tools that increase engagement, response times, and overall client experiences and satisfaction. This collaboration provides a better relationship for both clients and team members.

*Source:’s 2021 Customer Engagement Trends

Keep Clients on Track with “What’s Next” & Project Status

Automatically update your clients and staff with interactive dashboards. Avii distills and simplifies extensive information about what’s happening and "What's Next" across all of their firm engagements.

Keep Employees on Track with Project Queue

The Avii Project Queue allows you to see, sort, and filter more information on your projects and teams than you’ve ever been able to do with other tools.

Differentiate yourself and your firm. Use Avii to improve how you leverage technology to gain better results with your clients.