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Anders CPAs + Advisors Accelerates Firm Automation with Avii Workspace

Client Case Study

As of September 2022, Anders client engagement teams began automating and powering communications, interactions, document management, and workflows with Avii, a unified practice management platform focused on delivering exceptional experiences for clients, practitioners, and managers. The firm has adopted Avii as one of their primary platforms for engagement with a growing subset of clients.


Avii’s strength in using technology to drive Change Management and Accounting Experience ManagementTM, coupled with Avii’s automation platform that interacts with 3rd party apps, will enable Anders to start making significant improvements to existing processes, interactions, applications, and outcomes.


In addition, Avii’s workflow automations are helping to drive significant efficiencies and increased productivity during client engagements. Anders Client Engagement Specialists utilize Avii to deliver an enhanced client experience through streamlined communication and document requests.


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Avii Impact

  • Expected Avii Impact Once Fully Implemented
    • Unified UX Across More Workspace Actions for Clients & Staff
    • Automations and Templates Drive:
      • Client Engagement, Workflows & Reminders
      • Document Management
      • Project & Task Management
    • Improved Collaboration Between Clients and Team
    • Extensive Live Status KPIs & Visual Dashboards
    • Shortened Response Times
    • Increased Productivity
    • Unified Communication
    • Interconnected 3rd-Party Apps and Data Through Avii SaaS Hub
      • Bi-directional connectivity between Avii and MS SharePoint
      • Access to all Avii data points via Avii Data Warehouse
      • Direct API calls to/from Avii

Before Avii

As with most accounting firms, large and small, Anders teams relied on dozens of disparate software tools to meet their goal of providing up-to-the-minute and forward-looking support for clients throughout the U.S. Anders is interested in solutions that support an evolving focus on effective change management and technology evolution as a means of streamlining and integrating its functions with a higher degree of seamless automations, an expanding live data warehouse, and less reliance on traditional tools.

Main Challenges

  • Client and Project Setup were labor-heavy
  • Many task lists were managed manually
  • Software stack needed to be reduced and interconnected
  • Automations were limited
  • Workflow management was disconnected and labor-heavy
  • Access to Live Data to drive more of the business was limited


Anders recognizes the transformative potential of technology in enhancing our processes and client experience. After carefully evaluating leading software providers, Avii emerged as the frontrunner.

Senior IT Manager, Anders

After Avii

For Anders and Avii, communication on both sides allowed the firm’s move to Avii’s automation to progress in an effective manner. Likewise, by its very architecture, the tools in Avii Workspace guide the firm through the steps that allow their progressive expansion in software automations to spread as effectively as possible, benefiting Anders clients and employees.


Anders was able to implement many components of the Avii platform, and transition a subset of clients, projects, functions, and data within a few weeks of realistic collaborative effort with Avii. Anders and Avii continued working together throughout Busy Season 2023 and again this past summer to expand automations and interconnect more functions and data.


Avii Solutions

  • API Connectivity
  • Automated Actions
  • Secure Document Exchange with MS SharePoint Integration
  • Client Portal & Workspace
  • Project Management
  • Tasks Management