Create Efficiencies

Allow your team and clients to focus on what they do best.

Automations eliminate human activities that are low-value and time-consuming. In Avii, this can extend from CRM and client setup through automations and deliverables. It can even include automated marketing and client satisfaction surveys sent at just the right time and presented contextually in the client's customized workspace instead of email delivery.

Actionable information such as dashboards and live status of clients, projects, teams, and deliverables removes the need for your team members to compile and distribute reports. This improved process allows your firm to gain efficiency and have your team members and clients focus on what's most important.

Unify Client and Staff Contributions in a Single Workspace

The Avii Client Experience unifies all client interactions into a single, secure workspace + portal across all service lines. You determine what clients see or don't see, including document request lists, document folders and files, tasks, schedules, discussions, e-signatures, and status dashboards.

Avii also unifies more of your accounting experience into one place, reducing your time spent bouncing from app to app to get work done. It’s a unified workspace + portal that drives consistent automations, communication, business intelligence, and reporting.

Manage Fewer Software Systems

There are plenty of benefits to having fewer accounting software systems. Reducing your software stack lowers your costs, provides fewer logins/passwords to remember, and requires less training for your team members. Avii consolidates your total number of systems and also enables your firm to interconnect with many non-Avii systems that allow for such connectivity.

Eliminate Low-Value Human Actions

Your practitioners are too busy to go through the steps of duplicating their work. No more doing something, and then taking time to check off a task list, send an email, report on it, or pass it to the next person. Avii also incorporates automation of resource planning and assignments.

Replace Reporting with Live Dashboards

Avii live dashboards automatically update as clients and team members complete tasks, replacing the need to do something and separately report on it. These dashboards provide a heightened level of automated visibility and transparency, allowing clients and team members to participate actively.

Automate More of Your Work

Automations from CRM through traditional “workflows” and deliverables allow you to customize how work will flow and then automates those processes, making your team more productive and efficient. You have the flexibility to create simple to substantial automations that overlay, react to, and progress the work you do in Avii. Our open API also allows you to build connections with your other 3rd-party applications that allow for such connections.

Increase Profits

Optimizing your firm's processes with improved workspaces, better organization, smart automation, and more actionable data will help your bottom line. Gaining more efficiency will save your team valuable time, allowing staff to focus on more profitable activities. Improved client relationships and loyalty means potentially gaining more of their business and direct referrals. More visibility for managers and executives will directly impact the success of your overall technology and business strategies. This type of uplift of your practice management approach will ultimately profit your accounting firm in many ways.

Differentiate yourself and your firm. Use Avii to improve how you leverage technology to gain better results with your clients.