Avii is moving the paradigm of accounting software automation to the seamless interconnection of native and 3rd-party applications while elevating the user experience for clients, practitioners, and managers. The result is optimal efficiency and greater satisfaction for all

SILICON SLOPES, Utah–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Avii (Avii.com), a leading provider of accounting software applications and automation tools has a message for accounting: It’s time to raise the bar on software automation and Accounting Experience Management™ . Industries such as credit cards, banking, 401k/investment services, and healthcare have integrated and streamlined their client and employee portals into secure and interconnected touchpoints. In the same way, Avii is pushing accounting to a new and higher level of platform integration and user satisfaction, accelerating experiences for customers, practitioners, and managers.

“The pain point we address in the market is an outgrowth of the SaaS software model that’s been evolving for the past 20 years,” said Avii Cofounder and CEO Lyle Ball. “As a result, today’s firms have too many disconnected applications—typically 30-85 per organization, which leads to wasted time, frustrated clients and practitioners, disconnected workflows, and data retention weaknesses. These are the problems that Avii resolves.”

In all, Avii provides a dynamic and integrated portal for accounting clients and practitioners that makes it possible for firms to connect and integrate more of their data, workflows, communication, and other critical digital experiences than any other software provider, Ball said. This is possible not only across Avii’s platform but also gives firms the ability to interconnect with other commonly used accounting applications.

The Avii Application and Solution stack provides all accounting participants — clients, practitioners, and managers — with best-in-class technology solutions. Beyond this, the ability to integrate and interconnect other non-Avii accounting applications as needed creates a metaphorical and functional sky bridge across the application morass. The result is secure and seamless functionality for the accounting industry at the level that clients and practitioners have come to expect in their personal experiences with credit cards, banking, 401k/investment services, and healthcare providers.

Ball notes that even beyond the technology and efficiency gains of the Avii approach there are two additional benefits as well:

1) With Avii, firms can identify the areas that most require a technology uplift or can introduce the largest cost and efficiency gain and can address them in any order or speed. This allows the perpetual need for technology evolution to happen seamlessly and with a significantly higher level of ease.

2) Likewise, the continual elevation of systems and functions brings Accounting Experience Management into the foreground at every step. The increased functionality not only increases the quality and speed of work output but also progressively raises the bar for the user experience as well. For clients, practitioners, and managers, Avii’s continually rising platform elevates the way the work results are received and perceived, which is the very foundation of experience management success.

“These distinctions are not only important to the accounting industry,” Ball continues. “For the success of accounting firms and individual accountants, evolving with technology is also imperative. “Ultimately, it is successful experience management that allows firms of every size to lead the charge within their own market as the accounting world rapidly advances in the digital frontier.”

About Avii

Avii provides tech-forward accounting firms, including Big 4, with a broad suite of software applications and automation tools to optimize interactions with their actionable data from 3rd-party applications. In 2021, Avii defined Accounting Experience Management™ as being anchored to the creation and validation of the experiences of clients, practitioners, and managers.

Avii’s architecture, API, and SaaS Hub™ strategy enable firms to expansively connect more of their data, workflows, communication, and other critical digital experiences across Avii’s platform as well as 3rd-party applications. For more information about the Avii Workspace™ platform, visit www.Avii.com.

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