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Avii Workspace Improves Data Integrity for Varney & Associates, CPAs, Elevating Data Consistency and Unveiling Robust Insights

Client Case Study

This case study explores the transformative journey of Varney & Associates and how Avii helped to optimize their data. The strategic implementation of Avii Workspace improved the consistency of their data by streamlining processes and providing more actionable insights. Avii addressed Varney’s top pain points, from enhanced communication to real-time data accessibility, improving the client and employee experience.


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Avii Impact

  • Provide data integrity
  • Automate more processes, workflows, and data
  • Prioritize and organize projects and tasks with Project Queue
  • Unify work to reduce firm silos
  • Improve experiences for both clients and firm employees

Before Avii

With more than 60 years of accounting experience, Varney & Associates is committed to providing their clients with quality service, mutual trust, and integrity with confidentiality. Varney sought to uplevel their accounting technology and searched for ways to unify and maximize their data usage. In addition, they wanted to streamline their disconnected processes and create more effective workflows. Varney wanted to create a more unified experience for clients and practitioners in a unified portal and workspace.

Main Challenges

  • Data was not complete, accurate, and up to date
  • Queries were incomplete or inaccurate
  • Rollovers and other project data were inconsistent
  • Project management was compliance-driven and statutory
  • The firm did not follow due dates consistently or have meaningful prioritization
  • Different tools were used for different firm teams
  • Clients were required to use separate devices/portals for sending and receiving their documents
  • The client experience was transactional


“Avii is my favorite software. It’s helped to advance our firm in terms of data integrity, streamlined our processes, and unified more of our accounting work into one place.”


After Avii

Varney employees now trust their data and the tools used to query it. Their Avii Workspace toolbox offers live automations, including Avii Project Queue, a project management tool that provides team members with one place to advance their projects and stay up-to-date on what has been completed and what is next. Avii Project Queue also replaces static reports and searches across multiple software systems with a single, live visual dashboard that unifies status and data in customized visualizations for both clients and employees. Avii Project Queue querying and data sorting were key tools that Varney needed to enhance their data integrity. They also leverage dynamic automations that support their Lean Six Sigma Processes. Avii Workspace provides a more reliable project management tool, managing the workload for all teams and service lines.

“Setting up Avii Workspace competencies to get notifications when a project was in the queue was life-changing! No more excuses that staff forgot to check the queue. Our team experienced great success with turning on notifications and met our turnaround goals for all projects since it was activated!  – Tammy Bryant, Owner, CPA

Avii Workspace unified the Varney firm user experience by improving and increasing personal accountability. In addition, it significantly uplifted their client experiences with a unified portal + workspace. Varney is now able to create new projects with trusted data via Automated Rollovers, along with deliverables tracking to help establish specific due dates and meaningful prioritization.

Avii Solutions

  • Avii Workspace™
  • Live Dashboards
  • Dynamic Automations
  • Project Queue
  • Client Portal
  • Document Exchange with Avii Native Storage
  • Projects, Tasks & Workflows
  • Integrated Communication
  • Avii Data Warehouse