Avii is Filling the Gap with Automation by providing the full Avii Workspace™ platform for Tax, Audit and Advisory free for up to 25 users until at least June 1, 2020, to help ease new hurdles

SILICON SLOPES, Utah, March 25, 2020— To aid accounting firms of all sizes, effective immediately, Avii™ (www.avii.com) is providing the Avii Workspace™ unified firm cloud platform for tax, audit, advisory, compliance and management consulting firms at no cost in its full version for up to 25 internal firm users with up to 1GB of data storage and unlimited client users free of charge until at least June 1, 2020.
The world of finance and accounting has hit its most challenging hurdles in recorded history with the uncertainties created by stock values dropping, rules and deadlines evolving, and COVID-19. Accounting professionals need to embrace SaaS solutions that uphold strict compliance and data security while enabling worker mobility and remote access capabilities while empowering their teams and clients with automation tools to collaborate from remote locations and homes.
“The challenges we are facing can create many logistical and operational issues for firms in serving their client’s accounting needs,” according to Brandon Allfrey, partner for Avii customer Squire, a leading mid-size regional firm that operates from two Utah locations. “Even with extended filing deadlines, the need to help clients timely doesn’t go away,” Allfrey said. “The ability to unify our staff and clients in a secure cloud-based environment allows us not skip a beat in our productivity and project management while working from remote work locations.”
Avii co-founder and CEO Lyle Ball said, “We are supporting the accounting community–most especially small firms and mid-to-large sized regional practices that are being the most heavily affected by current world changes.”
“We’re filling the gap by offering up our entire platform for free evaluation and usage to accounting firms as they race to navigate the collection of hurdles and realities we now face together,” Ball said.
This platform gives accountants working remotely the ability to pick and choose just those solutions they immediately need from Avii’s complete suite of deeply interconnected solutions for:
Client Portals
Secure Document Exchange and Archive
Workflow Management System with customized Projects and Tasks
Resource status and planning powered by Workflows
Team and Client Collaboration
Resource and Team Management
Expense and Invoice Tracking
Unified Dashboard and KPIs
Avii Workspace automates these and many other elements of the accounting workflow from start to finish with more interconnectivity, unified data and AI automation than any other accounting platform.
During a time when face-to-face interactions are not possible, Avii Workspace fills the gaps by giving Clients and Accountants additional confidence, comfort and actual 1-to-1 touch points, with a single, secure portal through which they exchange all documents, data and communications.
“Accountants using Avii can automate more of their entire workflow while also increasing the touch points and interactions than with any other accounting solution,” added Ball. “And Avii gives them the freedom to stay with those systems they rely on while instantly uplifting their capabilities by choosing from our integrated suite of tax, audit and advisory automation solutions.”
For more information and to get access to the full suite of automated functions within Avii, visit www.avii.com/free or call 801-365-2844.

About Avii
Avii provides tax, audit, advisory, management consulting and compliance organizations with an integrated suite of most-required practice management software solutions that combines best-in-class automation for all accounting with open compatibility for familiar products such as Box, OneDrive, XCM and Microsoft Office 365. Avii Workspace is the first true SaaS HubTM, giving consultants and clients a single portal and a unified workspace for the functions that drive consistent workflow, business intelligence and communication to propel business success.

Avii Consulting Services are able to accomplish Fast Start Implementations for all users from single accountants to the Big 4. Unlike industry implementations that may take 6-8 weeks, Avii can make the benefits of Avii Workspace available immediately by breaking up deployment and segmenting data, requiring just 1-2 days per team, rather than pausing firm wide to re-sync the entire organization. Avii provides accounting firms, software developers and VARs an Avii API and custom app development services.

For more information about the Avii Workspace platform, visit www.Avii.com.


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