What you’ll learn in this webinar

How do you move your accounting firm from “SALY” (Same As Last Year) to the kind of Accounting Experience Management™ that uplifts the quality, efficiency, and satisfaction of every aspect of the accounting functions you do? Join Brandon Allfrey, Partner at Squire and Utah representative of UACPA, and Lyle Ball, the CEO and co-founder at Avii, to learn how to innovate your accounting management and make change management inherent in every detail of the accounting process.

In this session you will learn how to:

  • Embrace and celebrate the technologies you’ve used when the time has come to uplift and evolve to newer solutions
  • List the ways that change management is intertwined with experience management
  • Determine the science and practice of making the experience (not the output specifications) the goal in everything you design and provide
  • Recognize how a focus on experience—the Accounting Experience Management™—now becomes the measure for every workflow element and outcome
  • Evaluate how the Accounting Experience Management™ lifts your success, your satisfaction, and your customers’ satisfaction into an entirely new realm
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