Streamline Your Engagement Letters & Improve Your Workflow

As a means to enhance efficiency and streamline workflows for accounting firms, Avii Workspace now provides the capability to create engagement letters in bulk, then have them signed with Avii’s in-house digital signature solution. This enables users to generate letters for multiple projects simultaneously, paving the way for enhanced productivity and accuracy in accounting practices. 

Gone are the days of laboriously crafting engagement letters one by one. With Avii Workspace, firms can now create Engagement Letter Templates tailored to their specific needs and effortlessly populate project-specific data values into each PDF document. These letters are then automatically organized and saved in the respective project folders within Avii, ensuring seamless organization and accessibility.

Once the engagement letters are created, firms can further streamline their workflow by utilizing Avii’s Electronic Signature feature to request signatures in bulk. With this feature, firms can request signatures in bulk, eliminating the need for tedious individual requests. Leveraging signature templates, firms can seamlessly integrate signature request fields, initial fields, and other necessary user input fields into their PDF documents.

The process is as smooth as it is efficient. Once signature requests are generated, users are promptly notified and guided to a user-friendly interface within Avii to sign the documents directly. This seamless integration of document creation and signature requests not only saves time but also ensures compliance and security at every step.

By combining these powerful features, Avii Workspace empowers accounting firms with an automated, and secure process to create and sign engagement letters at the beginning of each engagement period. From bulk project creation to electronic signatures, Avii Workspace streamlines the way accounting firms manage their workflows, allowing professionals to focus on what matters most: delivering exceptional client service and driving business growth. 

Contact us to learn how enhanced Avii Workspace features, like Bulk Engagement Letters and E-Signature, can help your firm’s processes and efficiency.


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