Accounting Experience Management is anchored to the creation and validation of experiences of clients, practitioners, and managers. It is vital for success in the advancing digital frontier.

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Special to AICPA Engage 2021– Avii (, a leading provider of accounting software applications and automation tools, today announced its Accounting Experience Management™ vision for clients, practitioners, and managers. Avii is leading the way by enabling firms to expansively connect more of their data, workflows, communication, and other critical digital experiences across Avii’s platform as well as 3rd-party applications.

Attendees of Engage 2021 can discuss this vision with Avii at Engage Booth 424 in the ARIA Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas from July 26-29.

While the concept of experience management is prevalent in multiple industries, the concept of creating economic value and advantage by managing the way participants “sense, feel, think, act and relate” to our product and service brands has been largely missing from the field of accounting, so far.

Avii is driving this paradigm shift by anchoring Accounting Experience Management to the creation and validation of much better experiences for clients, practitioners, and managers. The high-touch, high-value relationships in accounting may start with anecdotal validation but must evolve to data-driven validation to stay at the forefront of accounting’s rapidly advancing digital frontier.

For Avii, experience management influences the success and effectiveness of clients, practitioners, and managers in the following ways:

  • The Client Experience — Clients want a better digital experience. Avii transforms the portal experience for clients, practitioners and managers into a single, secure portal (with your branding) where they exchange all information, documents, and conversations. Avii believes accounting portals should operate more like the secure portals in banking, credit card, and healthcare. Your firm determines the type and depth of live data and updates to present through the portal to keep your clients informed and progressing.
  • The Practitioner Experience – Accountants are working with too many systems and solutions, but Avii improves their experience by fixing the mess of the average firm’s 30+ silos of disconnected applications. Avii provides you with powerful accounting applications that help you automate your actionable data to and from your favorite 3rd-party applications to create more robust and automated workflows. This empowers your firm with connected data that drives business processes while uplifting the experiences of your most critical stakeholders.
  • The Manager Experience – This new high-bar of unified data optimizes live workflow automation, dashboards, and actionable data analysis to drive improvements to policies, approaches, and resulting experiences. Avii provides you with resource management with advanced workflows – you can click on any visual element in an Avii Workflow and assign up to dozens of automated functions & tasks. Now you can connect, condense and advance workflows of both Avii and non-Avii 3rd-party apps.

“In all, we know that change is a ‘forever’ state in the world of tech-forward accounting,” said Lyle Ball, Co-Founder and CEO of Avii. “Change Management is vital, but it is more than what you do. It’s how you do it, and how it’s perceived, experienced, and measured by all stakeholders. Knowing this, our vision is to help firms uplift their Accounting Experience Management by allowing them to own, connect, and automate more of their data.”

About Avii

Avii provides tech-forward accounting firms, including Big 4, with a broad suite of software applications and automation tools to optimize interactions with their actionable data from 3rd-party applications. In 2021, Avii defined Accounting Experience ManagementTM as being anchored to the creation and validation of the experiences of clients, practitioners and managers.

Avii’s architecture, API and SaaS HubTM strategy enable firms to expansively connect more of their data, workflows, communication and other critical digital experiences across Avii’s platform as well as 3rd-party applications. For more information about the Avii WorkspaceTM platform, visit

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