On all levels, Avii moves the paradigm of software automation to seamless interconnection of Avii-native, Firm-developed Solutions, and 3rd-Party applications, while elevating the user experience for clients, practitioners, and managers.

Avii™ (Avii.com), a leading provider of accounting software applications and automation tools is raising the bar on software automation and Accounting Experience ManagementTM at all levels for accounting clients, practitioners and managers. For front office applications, this includes full integration of applications such as CRM and other sales programs, onboarding and client portal applications, and client experience measurement tools such as client surveys and tools for measuring NPS scores.

In the same way industries such as banking, healthcare and airlines have integrated and streamlined their portals into secure and integrated touchpoints for their customers, practitioners, and managers, Avii is pushing accounting to a new and higher level of platform integration and user satisfaction at all levels as well.

As Avii Cofounder and CEO Lyle Ball notes, “Of all areas of the accounting platform, front-office solutions such as client portal, onboarding tools and other solutions designed to increase the quality of the customer-facing experience can be the investment that brings the most immediate and dramatic lift in afirm’s success and profitability.”

“Avii’s dynamic and integrated portal makes it possible for firms to connect and integrate more of their data, workflows, communication, and other critical digital experiences than other software providers, not only across Avii’s integrated platform, but with virtually all other commonly known applications as well.” Ball continued. “This is true at all levels of the accounting workflow, but the uplift is especially apparent for the functions that impact the client experiences first and continues throughout the accounting engagement.”

Ball notes two additional benefits of Avii’s approach in addition to efficiency: 1) Avii allows firms to identify areas most in need of a technology uplift or that introduce the largest cost and efficiency gain and can address them in any order they choose. This allows all technology evolutions to happen seamlessly and with a significantly higher level of ease. 2) At every level, the continual elevation of systems and functions puts Accounting Experience ManagementTM first, which progressively raises the bar for user experience.

For clients, practitioners and managers, Avii’s continually rising platform elevates the way the work results are received and perceived, which is the very foundation of experience management success.

About Avii

Avii provides tech-forward accounting firms, including Big 4, with a broad suite of software applications and automation tools to optimize interactions with their actionable data from 3rd-party applications. In 2021, Avii defined Accounting Experience ManagementTM as being anchored to the creation and validation of the experiences of clients, practitioners and managers.

Avii’s architecture, API and SaaS HubTM strategy enable firms to expansively connect more of their data, workflows, communication and other critical digital experiences across Avii’s platform as well as 3rd-party applications. For more information about the Avii WorkspaceTM platform, visit www.Avii.com.

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