SILICON SLOPES, Utah, September 27, 2022—Today, Avii launched Core and Enhanced Core versions of the Avii Workspace, providing accounting firms with cost-effective options to drive better experiences by improving their client relationships, team interactions, deliverables, and profitability.

Avii designed the Avii Workspace solution sets to uplift accounting firms’ overall experience with technology while scaling to meet each firm’s specific needs and preferences. Both the Core and Enhanced Core versions of the Avii Workspace reduce the overall number of software solutions required to empower a firm’s clients and employees with improved software experiences.

Avii Workspace Core

Avii Workspace Core, Avii’s entry-level SaaS solution, offers accounting firms a rich product feature set with a smaller footprint at an attractive price point. Avii created the Core experience to provide firms and their clients with precisely what they need, without too many bells and whistles. The Core version is $20/user/month and includes:

  • -Client Workspace + Portal
  • -Employee Workspace + Portal
  • -Document Organization & Exchange
  • -Document Storage on Avii or via Integrations with 3rd-Party Storage (i.e. Microsoft Sharepoint® or Box®)
  • -Project Management
  • -Dynamic Automations

Avii Workspace Enhanced Core

Designed for firms that need a more robust solution set, Avii Workspace Enhanced Core builds on Avii’s 5-year history of providing accounting firms with a broad set of software solutions that improve client, employee, and firm management experiences. The Enhanced Core version is $35/user/month and includes:

  • -All capabilities of the Core version, plus:
  • -Advanced Project Management + Automated Pools
  • -Tasks & Notes
  • -Communications
  • -Template System
  • -Document Routing
  • -Newsfeeds
  • -Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • -Advanced Tech Toolbox (SSO, API, Data Warehouse, Webhooks, and Custom Fields)

Optional Add-Ons

With Avii Workspace, firms can start with the entire platform or just a few modules and with a single team, a service line, or the entire firm. Firms can then expand in sync with the firm’s appetite and timing for change management. In addition to the Core and Enhanced Core options, firms can add:

Automation Add-On

  • -Advanced Automations across Avii tools as well as to-and-from 3rd-Party Software
  • -Process Management System
  • -Workflow Management System
  • -Resource Management System 

Financials Add-On

  • -Time, Hours & Invoice Tracking
  • -Budget Management
  • -Performance Reporting

The new versions of Avii Workspace allow firms to acquire the functions required to support their immediate needs while maintaining the flexibility to add additional functionality easily. Accounting firms can access the platform at any level that aligns with their change management strategy to gain the increasing benefits of an enhanced client and firm experience fueled by advanced automations. 


“At Avii, we encourage accounting firms to think and act beyond transactional relationships with their clients and employees and to engage within modern, secure-portal-based workspaces,“ said Avii Co-founder and CEO Lyle Ball. “In Avii Workspace, clients and staff interact with each other in a unified portal, accessing their documents, discussions, tasks, deliverables, and interactive dashboards across all service lines. Firms implementing Avii Workspace create enhanced user experiences fueled by advanced automations that help your firm run smoothly and accelerate growth.”


Readers can access an overview of Avii’s cohesive accounting solutions from this link


About Avii

Avii provides tax, audit, advisory, management consulting, and compliance organizations with an integrated suite of mission-critical practice management software solutions. Avii Workspace is the most automated workspace + portal for accountants and their clients, driving consistent experiences, exchanges, workflows, communications, and deliverables to propel business success.

Avii Workspace is most effective for tech-forward firms from Big Four down to firms with ~50+ total employees. For firms that seek to go deeper into technology automations and integrations, Avii provides an Advanced Technology Toolbox with SSO, API, data warehouse, webhooks, and custom fields.

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