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Survival mode is real. Throw in a pandemic and ever-changing landscape (and filing deadlines); the industry has experienced significant change and increased friction for practitioners and clients. With an all-hands-on-deck approach, many firms have embraced change through technology while others continue to kick the can down the road. Where do you fall?

Ultimately, the greatest measure of success…or failure of a business will come down to the client experience. In the 2020 Achieving Customer Amazement Survey Report published in Forbes, 96% of all customers will leave a service provider due to poor service. Conversely, 62% of respondents said they are willing to pay more for good customer service and even more for convenience. As a result, investing in ways to enhance the overall customer experience should be at the center of any software or change management strategic plan.

Technology alone can’t solve all customer service issues. Still, it can go a long way with providing customers with the confidence and security they are not only looking for, but demand.

Client portals are not all alike. Document exchange is at the center of most systems and provides a valuable means of sharing information. That said, client portals should behave more like secure banking, credit cards, and healthcare portals that consumers have come to embrace and trust.

At Avii, this is the core of what makes us different and unique. Security is paramount, but we differentiated ourselves by bundling communications, marketing, discussions, and other ease of use features that resonate with customers. We are excited about our product roadmap this year and the additional client experience features we will roll out.

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