-Mid-Office Processes such as Document Management, Practice Management, Project, Task, and Workflow Automation are at the Core of Success in the Accounting Experience for Practitioners and Managers-

November 8, 2021, Silicon Slopes, UT – As we near the middle of the Q4 2021 Accounting Software Sales CycleAvii (Avii.com), a leading provider of accounting software applications and automation tools, notes the critical and growing importance of customization for accounting software.

The ability to interconnect 3rd party applications, workflows and data is critical throughout the realm of accounting but is perhaps of greatest impact for the mid-office functions that impact U.S. accounting firms. The mid-office processes that Avii customers are driving to improve in the current year end include 1) Document management, 2) Practice management, and 3) Project, task, and workflow automation.

Connection is the key

Mid-office functions are the aspects of the accounting process that are the heart and blood of the firm’s operation and have a deep effect on the Accounting Experience ManagementTM for clients,  practitioners and managers. Disconnected applications, workflows, documents and data make it impossible to extend automations from one process to the next, require practitioners to spend up to an hour each day, according to Mavenlink, and leave firms reliant on delayed reports versus live dashboards to drive and optimize their operations and profits. This not only significantly impacts service levels and client satisfaction, it deeply impacts career success and the growing malaise that is increasingly causing practitioners and managers to leave their firms or leave the accounting field altogether.

Document Management

With customized and interconnected document management systems, the automated accounting system can accept and integrate the myriad of document and storage formats that may be preferred or even required by client companies. An uplift to this function at the mid-office level can go perhaps farther than any other function to reduce the number of times per day a practitioner must lose time by moving in and out of diverse applications that are unable to interconnect.

Practice Management 

The best systems provide accounting firms with an open API; open access to the data and usage of the system by their clients, practitioners, and managers; and no-extra-cost access to live dashboards and KPIs in lieu of static reports. Deeply interconnected practice management systems centralize secure communications within an automated secure portal interface to drive focused communication, increase client responsiveness and eliminate non-connected email, texts and discussions in disconnected collaboration systems.

Project, Task and Workflow Automation 

Firms that embrace a tech-forward vision, change management acceleration, and resulting workflow and data automations are leaping ahead of their competition. This is an area where customization is especially key. As accounting firms automate processes and functions that formerly required manual logins, intake, sorting, and human intervention, the greatest increases come from a system such as Avii Workspace that allows practitioners and managers to design extensive workflows that cross the boundaries of front-, mid- and back-office processes and related 3rd party applications.

As new ideas emerge, the firm’s innovation team can leverage the Avii platform to build in automation as quickly as transformation managers define them. With an understanding that change management is perpetual, the ability to do constant customization is the truest and best way to maximize this principle and enact improvements very quickly to make it easy and seamless to improve the ease and flow of your firm’s operations every season, or when needed, even every day.

They can address the challenges through modular changes, one or more at a time, in any order they choose.

“Once firm leaders understand the automation and gains now possible with new technologies, they get overwhelmed and pause in paralysis by analysis,” says Lyle Ball, co-founder and CEO of Avii. “Avii guides firms to make a three-year plan, then step back to a realistic next step that can be accomplished within the next three months.”

The Advantage of an Integrated Portal 

As a dynamic and integrated portal and workspace for clients, practitioners and managers, Avii makes it possible for firms to connect and integrate their data, workflows, communication, and other critical digital experiences not only across Avii’s integrated platform but with other 3rd party accounting applications. In addition to significant efficiency gains, this approach allows firms to achieve full customization, by identifying the areas in most need of a technology uplift, or that will introduce the largest cost and efficiency gain.


The combination of these advantages coupled with increased interconnectivity with 3rd party systems that drive front-office processes (CRM, onboarding, client portals, document request lists) and back-office processes (time keeping, billing, planning, forecasting, budgeting, invoicing, Big Data analytics and data retention) propel firms to higher levels of customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and profitability.

About Avii 

Avii provides tech-forward accounting firms, including Big 4, with a broad suite of software applications and automation tools to optimize interactions with their actionable data from 3rd-party applications.


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