We all love top 10 lists. So of everything Avii does well as a single accounting management system for document management, workflows, and client experiences, there are some areas in which, quite frankly, we believe from what our clients are telling us that we’re best in class.

So today we’re excited to bring you a top 10 list of the things that Avii does best, which is also covered in our March webinar, available here:

  1. Real-time Client and Team Collaboration. Avii establishes a single portal for all exchanges between client and team and among team members. By bringing the entire client experience into one intuitive workspace, the Avii Client Experience enables discussions, work sharing, communications, projects and much more. Your clients can enjoy the benefits of a unified experience with your teams as your work progresses.
  2. Exchange and Store Documents Securely. A complete document management and storage system is integrated into the Avii Workspace, making it simple to securely exchange data and documents with clients and teams. Avii’s accounting document management software protects the exchange of client information, streamlines document requests, and ensures compliance. It’s a complete document management and storage system with granular permissions.
  3. Simplify the Experience for All with a Unified Workspace. Avii Resource Management includes a project management suite with an integrated communication system. These resources make it easy to assign work, keep people informed and finish engagements on time.
  4. Manage Robust, Flexible Projects and Resources. Avii provides a comprehensive project management suite that makes getting started easy and makes on-time-and-on-budget projects a reality. Also integrated into the Avii Workspace, this robust solution includes tools for planning, budgeting, forecasting, task dependencies, discussions, and, of course, project, task and document management. The tools provide maximum transparency to your projects and bolster increased satisfaction among your clients.
  5. Automate Work Assignments by Competencies. Avii matches your team competencies with the work to be done, automatically adding items to team members’ queues according to their competencies and specialties. This projects-to-practitioners matching streamlines projects and promotes team unity.
  6. Unify Previously Disconnected Workflows (People, Systems and Processes). Avii Resource Management with Advanced Workflows accounting software lets you customize how work will flow and then automates those processes to make your team more productive and efficient. You also enjoy the benefits of managing your resources, enabling task management, exchanging documents securely and keeping people informed.
  7. Easily Design and Implement Simple or Sophisticated Work Processes.  Avii Resource Management with Advanced Workflows software lets you customize the way work will flow and automates work processes to make your team more productive and efficient. You also enjoy the benefits of managing your resources, enabling task management, exchanging documents securely and keeping people informed.
  8. Measure Profitability and Performance in Real-Time. Avii Firm Performance automates and streamlines how you allocate your team members and other resources. Obtaining actionable data from workspace usage and the data itself, Avii learns and then automates resource planning on your current and future projects.
  9. Track Project Hours Worked and Budgeted. Avii lets you quickly track and adjust the time spent on projects, making invoicing and reporting a breeze. Because Avii integrates hours tracking with other analysis tools, you can easily make comparisons and shift resources that will help you stay on budget.
  10. It’s all brought together by Avii Intelligence. Avii Intelligence powers the entire Avii Workspace platform. It automates your essential practice management applications, improves team communications and enhances client transparency. Because Avii Intelligence brings together systems and data sources, its unparalleled connectivity surfaces those critical real-time insights that every firm needs to run more efficiently, productively and smarter.

But wait, there’s more:

Finally, and as a bonus: At Avii, we’re Future Proof and Dynamic.

We’re not your grandmother’s accounting software company. We’re vibrant, we’re a little bit out on the edge of things, and we like to have fun. And one of the main things we do differently is that we offer these capabilities, in all or in part, in any combination you like.

For more information on each of these items, feel free to review our webinar video here. Choose any one of these points or choose all – and we’ll bring it together with the traditional solutions you want to keep, or that you want to keep for the time being. We’ll gladly serve as the sky bridge that integrates and connects to them all.

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