Are you searching for a better way to streamline your document collection and client engagement processes while retaining your preferred delivery and payment systems? Look no further than Avii, your comprehensive solution designed to uplift your accounting firm’s operations.


Here are 7 compelling reasons why Avii stands out against Tax Caddy:


1 – Simplify Your Document Collection Process

Avii simplifies the document collection process, offering an intuitive and user-friendly platform enabling clients to submit their tax-related documents effortlessly. Avii also improves the process for staff with automated reminders, online review, next-step activities, and contextual communications.


2 – Enhance Client Experience and Reduce Costs

Improve your client experience even further by using Avii’s automation tools to reduce time and costs. Your clients and staff will appreciate the efficiency and responsiveness, along with having everything in one place.


3 – Interact with Your Preferred Tax Preparation Software

Avii’s API can seamlessly connect with the tax preparation software* your firm uses. These interactions ensure that your workflows remain consistent while utilizing Avii’s superior document collection and management capabilities.


4- Explore Limitless Connectivity Possibilities

Avii empowers your firm with limitless interconnectivity capabilities*. You can seamlessly connect with other open API software to create a customized accounting ecosystem that fits your firm’s unique needs. Your data can now be accessible in a centralized data warehouse, driving live dashboards and reports that make your firm more efficient and agile.


5 – Develop Streamlined Client Engagements

Avii Questionnaires enable your firm to streamline engagements with clients. Gather all the necessary information you need in a structured and efficient manner. With Avii, you can do more when all your client data and staff activities are easily accessible and organized in one place.


6 – Leverage Avii E-Sign for Seamless Document Management

Avii E-Sign is now available directly within Avii Workspace to make your document management needs even more seamless. Embrace a native, embedded digital signature solution that streamlines your document management process.


7 – Build Your Automation Hub

This year is all about firms gaining an advantage through significantly automating their document collection and review processes.


Avii Workspace is the perfect solution, offering features beyond those found in Tax Caddy. Avii doesn’t stop there. We provide a comprehensive suite of integrated tools, including task management, project management,  automation, financials, dashboards, APIs, and more, to further enhance your firm’s productivity within a unified platform.


Avii Workspace focuses on user-friendliness, endless integration possibilities, and a suite of powerful tools, empowering your firm to go above and beyond in serving your clients, staff, and executive management needs.


For more information about Avii Workspace,  visit and schedule a call with our team. Let us show you how Avii can transform your client engagement process and take your accounting firm to the next level. 


*Flexible connectivity options are based on 3rd party software capabilities/policies.

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