The Avii Manager/Operator Experience

It’s time for better accounting team management and collaboration.

Better Team Management and Collaboration for Clients & Staff

As a Manager/Operator, you need to keep your finger on the pulse of your team, engagements, projects, tasks, data, and clients. And you need to keep your leadership team and your clients updated at just the right level.

Avii Workspace makes it easier to see what’s happening in your world, automating extensive collaboration across your firmwide stakeholders and services lines with customizable, flexible, interactive tools and a live visual guidance system of status, deadlines, missing items, and next steps. These live visualizations are automatically updated as you, your team, and your clients complete granular process, workflow, project, and task actions. This eliminates the need for manual status updates, email updates, and/or reports.

This same system allows you to centrally manage, change, bulk edit, and roll forward with a system that can be focused on one team or expanded firmwide across all service lines.

Robust Practice Management Tool

Avii aims to give managers and operators the industry's most robust practice management tool, redefining your reach and capabilities within a unified tool that organizes and simplifies a vast amount of data, activities, and status across clients and team members workspaces + portals.

Unified Accounting Experience

Our flexible software can replace and/or interconnect with much of your existing software, unifying more of your accounting experience into one place. Establishing a new, high-bar of unified data optimizes live automations, dashboards, and actionable data analysis to drive improvements to policies, approaches, and experiences.

Differentiate yourself and your firm. Use Avii to improve how you leverage technology to gain better results with your clients.