The Avii Partner-in-Charge Experience

Avii influences and advances accounting firm change management.

Advance Accounting Change Management

As a Partner-in-Charge of technology or a service line at your firm, you have the difficult task of completing your own book of accounting engagements while learning about the rapidly evolving technologies available to you and your firm. You manage the process of gaining stakeholder agreement on what you and your firm want to change next. And on top of that, you have the unenviable role of wrangling those same stakeholders into advancing your change management goals.

Implement Change at Your Own Pace

Avii's technology and business models give you extensive freedom to manage change in broad strokes or granular steps. We designed our "Land and Expand" freedoms to help you show the value of Avii Workspace. Start with one of your teams using one of our tools, and the immediate results will help you accelerate change management across your firm.

Unified System to Connect Your Accounting World

For those 3rd-party apps that work well for your firm, we can also help you interconnect those systems, their automations, data, notifications, and communications elements to the extent allowed or limited by their technology or business rules. As for Avii, 100% of the Avii Workspace was created from scratch with no code debt to other systems; on a single database. Every element across the platform can be called/delivered via a single set of Avii APIs.

More Access and Visibility to Your Data

Avii aims to be the most (or among the most) liberal software vendors regarding our API policies. We believe that firms should have free access to and own all data, activity, and status across the software systems you pay vendors to use.

Avii keeps a robust data warehouse you can call on to drive analysis and visualizations that drive daily activities, automations, and powerful reports/dashboards. Again, Avii aims to be the most (or among the most) liberal software vendors when it comes to freely supplying you with live, actionable data.

Collaborative Vendor-Firm Relationship

Avii believes in a strong, collaborative spirit and approach. In addition to our liberal API and data capabilities and policies, we aim to offer above-average collaboration with you and your other 3rd-party software vendors.

We will make it easy for you to accomplish initiatives that require technical and operational resource collaboration. Not many vendors seek to work with each other as openly and freely as we do at your request. We know you use many systems to accomplish your very specific goals. Collaboration is key to establishing your firm's best-customized software architecture and landscape.

We aim to not only provide you with amazing, tech-forward solutions and flexible models that can match your firm's appetite and timing for change management, but to also have you consider us as one of your most trusted and supportive software vendors enabling your firm to drive forward towards your goals.

Differentiate yourself and your firm. Use Avii to improve how you leverage technology to gain better results with your clients.