Resource Management

Accomplish more with accounting firm project management software.

Avii Resource Management includes a project management suite for accounting firms with an integrated communication system. These resources make it easy to assign work, keep people informed, and finish engagements on time.

Drive Robust, Flexible Projects

Avii provides a comprehensive project management suite that makes getting started easy and makes “on-time” and “on-budget” projects a reality. Integrated into the Avii Workspace, this robust solution includes tools for planning, budgeting, forecasting, task dependencies, discussions, and, of course, project, task, and document management. The tools provide maximum transparency to your projects and bolster increased satisfaction among your clients.

Increase Work Task Visibility

Managing tasks, both in and outside of projects, has never been more manageable. Avii keeps work moving along with email & text reminders and in-system alerts. Plus, analytics shed additional light on progress and potential hangups.

Optimize Resources and Increase Productivity

Aligning your best-suited resources with your highest value projects will ensure maximum results. With Avii, the system matches individuals and teams by capabilities and competencies, heightening your optimization and productivity levels.

Easily Track Billable and Non-Billable Time

Avii Time Keeper makes it easier to keep track of where your time is allocated. Simply click the stopwatch to start and stop tracking time against projects and activities. Use the Avii Calendar Editor to visually see and make adjustments to tracked time.

Avii Intelligence

Resource Management also includes Avii Intelligence, which unifies your accounting experience, centralizes the essential applications, provides smart automation, and keeps people informed.
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Resource Management features at a glance:

  • >  Competency-based project queue
  • >  Project automations (processes, workflows, and data)
  • >  Project management
  • >  Task management
  • >  Time management

+ PLUS all Avii Intelligence features

Differentiate yourself and your firm. Use Avii to improve how you leverage technology to gain better results with your clients.